Mass Effect Developer Interview

Thanks to their friends at XCN, have a developer interview with Chris Priestly, BioWare's Community Coordinator and Jay Watamaniuk, Community Manager.

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PS3rd place4047d ago

ps3rd place: so will you guys ever make MAss Effect version for me?

Chris and Jay: No... your system is retarded and hard to work with.

ps3rd place: okay, what if I have another clearance sale and strip myself down for you??

Chris and Jay: ???? wtf

ps3rd place: ya know... like making myself 40gig and taking off BC putting a cheap price tag on my ass?

Chris and Jay: No, simply because production costs a lot and the attach rate for you is extremely sad.

ps3rd place: but but but but but but but CELL!!!

Chris and Jay: listen.. Mass Effect will only be for 360 and not for you. plain and simple. Your fans can cry about it .. We dont care.. We are going to make $$$$$$$$$$ of the 360.

ps3rd place: but but but but but but....but but....but..

Chris and Jay: .....well... blow it out your ass already and stop studdering...

ps3rd place: but but... I'm selling well in Japan!!!

IceVenti4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

woohoo!! partay time!! bring out the games!!......

........wait.....what games?