Diehard GameFAN: Driver: San Francisco Review

DHGF: This is the first Driver game I’ve played since the original that made me feel the way the original did. The cars all handle well and the story is cheesy or whatever, but I like the care and attention to details that went into the game. The menus are great and work and the game design, aside from the final boss, is outstanding. The abilities you control make what could have been just another boring driving game into something interesting to see. Glad to see the Driver series back on form.

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kamakaz3md2504d ago

I loved the first 2 drivers back in the day, and when I played the demo I wasnt very interested in it. If only they woulda made it a sand box driving game, where u could get out of the car, but most of the gameplay was based on DRIVING! The game sucks, heres my review... DONT BUY IT, RENT IT IF ANYTHING... 5/10

gcolley2504d ago

i give it an eight (-1 for the invisible walls above fences, buildings etc. and -1 for lack of monster jumps around). see why reviews are pointless. i like the fact that you cannot get out of the car, it is when the series went downhill. shifting into other cars works a lot better than i thought it would as i hated the idea before i tried it. AND the multiplayer is an absolute blast. but most of all I love the handling and control

so your review is based on the demo and mine is based on the game. the game you are looking for is GTA