Hands-On Preview: Inversion - Electronic Theatre

Still quite a way from release, Namco Bandai Games has made the smart decision of avoiding going up against the likes of Gears of War 3 in the latter half of this year, instead settling on a February 2012 release date for the promising Inversion. This decision has been made in spite of the videogame being ‘content complete’, as Electronic Theatre has been reliably informed is the case, but that doesn’t mean the team at Saber Interactive have closed down their workstations and moved on to something else. Instead, the next few months will be used to add polish to Inversion as it hopes to grab the post-holiday audience after that first 2012 paycheck has arrived.

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ATi_Elite2478d ago

Is Inversion coming out for the PC?

I keep getting conflicting info. I hope it is cause the game looks great so far.