PS2 Classics require 'special development' - Sony

TVGB: This week’s PS Store update saw the much-anticipated arrival of classic PS2 games available to download and play. But without any HD remastering of trophy support, these are the original games in their most basic form.

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SonyNGP2508d ago

In other words, "we wanted to sell as many PS2s as we can before doing this".

Maddens Raiders2508d ago

...from the "article":

"But without any HD remastering or trophy support, these are the original games in their most basic form."

...and they're still as good as gold; as they were on the PS2.

“Special development”, eh? Sounds like it’s not as simple as sticking the games up on the Store, then. Will this limit the amount of PS2 Classics we see over time?

if you're that worried about playing PS2 games then go buy a PS2 and forget about it. Worried about NOTHING much? ha haaa

sikbeta2508d ago

Thanks for resume it for me, I was going to say if that was the case, where were the trophies? :P not a trophy-w*** but I like the feature so much and it shows how much dedication I have for the games I like...

gapecanpie2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Sony plan this ....remove BC and re-release ps2 games on the psn to make a cash in off old ps2 games... But one would think they would have at least added trophy support or something.... Sony is going lower and lower everyday first online pass crap and now this .... I may not be getting a ps4 next gen.

iamnsuperman2508d ago

"Sony plan this ....remove BC and re-release ps2 games on the psn to make a cash in off old ps2 games."

and why not?. They are a business after all. If you want cheap PS2 games there are PS2 around (like a lot of them). It was a pain when bc went but it made sense (business wise) Its not like there is no other option because you do. Either play PS2 games via the PS3 and pay for it or buy a cheap PS2.

DeadlyFire2507d ago

PS2 games didn't need trophys when they were released. PS3 games don't either. I completed the game. Okay well I was going to do that anyway, but look at this trophy I got. Its so ummm a picture. Cool....

Achievements are the same thing. Nothing special to me. I game to game. Not for little trinkets.

Ju2508d ago

It's a conspiracy! Must be! How dare they release games and charge $10 for them. /s

Maybe they are lying, but my engineering brain tells me, they are patching code to make the emu work. Well, and then package it up into an image that the emu can actually run (plus encryption and stuff).

Not so hard to believe after all.

sikbeta2508d ago

You're right! they should have charge them $50! lol NO! :P

I just want to have a big line-up available for dd for a reasonable price, I'm all for it, even if I don't like dd games (I have a history a HDDs failing on me so bad), I just want the convenience of playing all games in the same console.

Prototype2508d ago

I hope (and pray) Final Fantasy 11 comes to the store; another option to play it would help.

user8586212508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Could have added the extra time to add HD/trophy support... just saying

SonyNGP2508d ago

I'm perfectly fine without trophies, and God Hand looks pretty decent when upscaled to 720p.

HeavenlySnipes2508d ago

they wouldn't. Like Insomniac said, its a BIG hassle wading through old ass code trying to change/add things without breaking the game. Especially since its a old PS2 game, unless they are going to get a whole team to remaster the game (they might as well if they are going to open everything up again) it'd be in their best interest to do as little as possible to the games to keep them running properly without new bugs not there in the original game.

smashcrashbash2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Don't waste you breath. Sense is something that is lacking on N4G. No matter how much you argue, use logic or give fact some idiot will keep saying the exact same thing over and over again @ Redempteur. E xactly. This has been discussed many times.

ddurand12508d ago

Or we could get backwards compatibility...

Redempteur2508d ago

you can't

The new PS3 can"t ( physicly ) emulate PS2 games without problem becuase they are missing components ..this is NOT something you can bypass with a All around emulator

montyburns0002508d ago

thats bullshit. after all this TEH CELL nonsense you're telling me it cant emulate ps2 games? i guess the ps3 isnt that powerful after all.

also, good luck getting backward compatibility in the ps4 next gen.

NarooN2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


What are you, dumb?

Not even the Cell can emulate the PS2's complex ridiculous architecture that easily, as demonstrated in all the PS3 models which kept the GS chip but ditched the EE chip, software emu was a bitch, and it's a bitch even on the most powerful PC rigs today with the pcsx2 emulator.

Having to emulate EVERY PS2 COMPONENT at once is ridiculous, especially considering how jacked up the architecture was, and you expect the PS3 to do this without BOTH chips? Are you fucking kidding me?

I hope everyone notices a pattern with the 5 games they released so far: They're all really simple games graphics-wise. Nothing major being done, so I guess they're easy to do via the Cell. But games like Killzone and Gran Turismo 4? Forget about it. Not gonna happen unless they get the HD Remaster treatment.

v1c1ous2508d ago

put it this way. why add $15 chip for perfect emulation, when you can theoretically sell 3 games average over ps3 owner's lifetime at a ~$60 profit?

Hagaf222507d ago

Well why would Sony give BC if they can release PS2 Classics, charge you 10-15 bucks and make more money off it. They know very few retailers carry new copies of any ps2 games, if any at all. If they we to give BC to the consumers there would be no money in it for them, because all those sales would be used. With the PS2 Classics they can charge you again for a game you owned last gen.

I truly enjoyed last gen, but I'll stick to my current gen. Guess it doesnt help I have a BC PS3 so if I want to play PS2 games, I can play the originals.

Godmars2902508d ago

Con - This does nothing for current owners of original PS2 titles other than make them buy them again.

Pros - Given that the titles offered are rare and underplayed, more people now have access to them.

- Drastically undercuts the used game market for the same above reason.

The only question left is will these games be playable as is on the Vita, or will Sony be stupid and either not offer them, or try to make people pay for them a third time.

FFXI will have to be a remastered. Given that its an MMO.

Then again, it may never come to the PS3 given FFXIV is suppose to be coming to it.

Prototype2508d ago

It would be a smart move if SE did decide to let PSN get at least a download for FF11 and just sell codes to new players; or use an older acct and just log in that way like they do with people who play on more than one console/pc.

When I first got the 60 GB PS3 I was able to play 11 no problems on it with either visuals or connections. Then again with SE's current track record it wouldn't surprise me if they came up with some reason not to. As far as 14 goes I was hyped for it, but ever since I got back in into 11 its one of those "never mind" type situations.

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