Uncharted On the Xbox360: Not Bloody Likely "It's quite hilarious what rumours can start in gaming forums, all from the poor comprehension of the few. So now, here's a good one. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, developed by Naugthy Dog for the Playstation 3, could be ported to the Xbox360. We like this. Just as moronic as PS3 fanboys screaming about Bioshock coming over to their little baby."

(Be sure not to miss the hilarious video at the end.)

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toughNAME4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"it may not have $60 legs, but it's the perfect friend for a lost weekend"

If a game is only worth a rent, I think the xbox 360 can live without it


This comment is dedicated to Meus Renaissance and Mighty Douche, who just can't get enough of those Mass Effect reviews

techie4042d ago

Eurogamer said it better:

"Topped off with the most stunning use of the PS3's underused technical prowess yet, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is, for my money, the first must-have PlayStation 3 title."

toughNAME4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Deep...I agree...from the videos I've seen at least

but my point remains

EDIT - it is the best game the PS3 has

wil4hire4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"Uncharted is the best looking console game out." - Gametrailers

Uncharted isn't a rental.and all the other people who know the game has tons of bonuses and unlockables that will have you returning. The people that gave the game 9's & 10's agree.

Just because 1 review says something, doesn't mean its law. I'll take IGN's "word" over GT any day.

mesh14042d ago

MO 1 CARES ABOTU UNCHARTED that owns a 360 that is a hardcore gamer why wud i want uncharted ?? WHEN I CAN GO and grap crap but better gam called gears of war ??

NeonSkull4042d ago

mesh1, if you were not such a hardcore gamer just may have learned how to spell.

MADGameR4042d ago

Naughty Dog is licensed by SONY.

radzy4042d ago

for a gamesite that gave kane and lynch 8/10 , how can they know what a good game is. kane & lynch deserves nothing above 5 or 6/10.
when you play it , you will understand . yuk yuk yuk. = untrusted

lawman11084042d ago

Never forget that

And so, does Evan’s comment mean Uncharted could be ported to the Xbox360? I don’t bloody know! Both consoles have not hit the roof of their capabilities yet,

Bubble Buddy4042d ago

tough name, soft words...

ravinash4041d ago

Then he would be focusing on good games rather than constantly trying to tongue the exhaust port of his 360.

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techie4042d ago

Predator. There is a big difference, this one maturely looks at the rumour and posts a well thought out answer. Plus the video at the end is gold. I remember all the Bioshock rumours, this is only fair. Being a social website, this is something that people will want to talk about - instead of the article before that completely misread Evan's comments.

KINGDRAMA4042d ago

Not to mention youll need about 5 discs to play the whole game in a watered down version of course.

Kleptic4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

One thing is for sure though...this is a much more wild and ridiculous rumor than the PS3 getting bioshock...

Bioshock was originally planned to be on the PS3 also...MS bought the rights to the game after the game was already into development, which caused the PS3 version to be dropped...

Naughty Dog hasn't worked with a anyone but Sony (publishing wise) in a very long time...Sony has very different "1st party" practices than MS (sony simply doesn't buy them out...they help with budgets and offer more people if needed...where as MS simply buys the developer and forces more people on them...exact reason why HS was dropped for the original Xbox to move to a Sony platform)...

the point is...Naughty Dog was approached with ideas for their first PS3 game...just like Insomniac...these were games always planned to be just for the PS3...not at all like Bioshock...the fact that this ripten guy says "just as bad as PS3 fanbabies crying for Bioshock" or whatever, is completely ignorant...that bioshock rumor, at times, at least had legs to stand on...

EDIT: Fixed Naught Dog's "independence"...tha nks Deep...

godofthunder104042d ago

what do you exspect a company to say about a system when they are own by a competor,hell a microsoft employer will say the same damn thing.the truth is any game could fit on any console,they just need to be done a different way for each one.
i just can't understand fanboys,KINGDRAMA said that it would take 5 dvds to port it over to the 360 even when mass effect is a lot longer and have more dialog then any game that has been made before and didn't even use all the space on the dvd-9 the fact is if a developer wanted to do it he can.
KINGDRAMA also said that to EXPECT THE RROD EPIDEMIC if the games is on the 360,well the rrod been fixed for a while,hell microsoft gave every one a 3 year warrinty on the 360 unlike sony who didn't do a damn thing for their customers when the ps1 and 2 had all that problem with the disc drives.i like to know what KINGDRAMA want microsoft to do,hell they gave a warrint for half the consols life,sony only have a 60 day warrinty on the ps3 i think and if he want a company to give a warrinty for the consoles life the company will laugh him out the building.the reason that KINGDRAMA keep bring up the rrod is because that's the only thing that he could come up with, even when it's been fixed for a while and you don't hardly hear about it any more,but he still uses it to try and make the 360 look worse then it is just to try and make the ps3 look a lot better then it is.hell the ps3 was having problems with some games when the 360 wasn't and it's not like the 360 was the only electronic product that they had problem with,like i've said above,sony had problems with the ps1,2,camers,and computers but he doesn't say anything about that.
i've also read a comment where a sony fanboy was saying that critics were saying that uncharter was the best graphics that they ever seen,well i've read a lot of articles and so far all most all of them said that mass effect was the best graphics that they ever seen.
the funnist one that i've ever read is where one sony fanboy said that microsoft is loosing all its game to the computer,i like to know where the hell he was at the last decade or so because microsoft owns windows so that means that microsoft isn't loosing all it's game to computers they're agreeing to put it own computers because they will make more money that way.
i've read a lot of post where they are calling a lot of people 360 fanboys and most of the time they are right but they are just sony fanboys doing the exact damn thing.
what gets me is how people say that they hate microsoft and they will never buy any thing from them but the truth is that they already bought something from microsoft when they buy computers and some other electronocs,if it wasn't for microsoft 99% of the people on the computer now wouldn't even be able to use the computer because it's microsoft that made it possiable for people to use the computer with ease,if it wasn't for microsoft we will still be dos and typing our asses off for hours just to put a game in the computer instead of just putting it in and playng it in minutes.
every one have the right to buy what they want but what i don't understans is how people want an american company to fail just so a forign company can win.if i was a ps3 fan i would be mad as hell after what they said at the tos on g4.when 2 writers from game magazines in japan were interview and asked why the 360 just can't seem to really sell in japan and they said that the reason why is because japanese people are proud of their country and they like to help their own economy out and companies in it especialy game companies and they just refuse to really support any console that's not from their especially if it's from the U.S.
i think that they are both good consoles with good games and for one side to say that games sux on the other system is just being childish.when sony fanboys say that halo 3 ormass effect isn't worth a sh*t and over rated are just jealouse that it's not on the 360 and if they were on the ps3 they would be the first ones in line to but them.the same thing with 360 fanboys,when they say that games sux on the ps3 like kill zone 2 or uncharted are just jealouse to and they would do the same thing,hell i whish that kill zone 2 and a few other games were on the 360 because i think that they will be good games and i know that all sony fans and 360 fans like a certain game on the other system and wish that it was on their system and the ones that say that it's not true are just bias and acting like kids and will not admit the truth because they think that it help their console but i don't know how but that's the only stupid reason i could think of and if i'm wrong then it's another stupid reason because there is no other reasons they could give that will make sence.
i think that they should start acting their age and play their own games and don't worry about the other console because it really doesn't concern them and if they were real gamers like they claim then they would realize that they will need both systems to play all the good games and one system isn't better then the other because the 360 doese some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some thing better then the 360 and neither one of them is going any where,they will be here as long as they have video games.and the people that disagree with me are just bias and fan boys

Relientk774042d ago

Uncharted on 360 is only a rumor.... this is exactly like Bioshock on PS3 .. its a rumor that will gain some popularity .. then die down until the company (in this case Naughty Dog) makes an announcement saying "there will be no Uncharted on the Xbox 360"

techie4042d ago

It doesnt need naughty dog to say anything. Naughty Dog are owned by Sony...the developer, not just Uncharted the game. Anyway the article is more about the porting...

THE_JUDGE4042d ago

a damn annoucement!! Anyone with half a brains knowledge of games knows that the made was made by Sony for the PS3, period! This is ridiculous to even be discussing

lawman11084042d ago

Uncharted looks like a "rent " to me but I could wait and buy it when its around $30 bucks on ebay.

vloeistof4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

mhhh cant remember saying that i wanted wanted bioschock on ps3...

any way uncharted will never come to 360 . end to story

The_Engineer4042d ago

I played Bioshock on PC for about a week and never touched it again.
Here's a note to traditional developers, a scavenger hunt with weapons is still just that.

lawman11084042d ago

Was GREAT!!! The ONLY game I ever played back to back to see each ending. One of the best games I have ever seen or played hands down.

Double-Edged4042d ago

I already have tomb raider.
and I can play this uncharted game on my 360 and PC.

Ri0tSquad4042d ago

-bad gun fights
-terrible camera
-the game has framerate problems as well

Uncharted is just better then tomb raider but say what makes you get more sleep at night.

NanoGeekTech4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

this is how I feel....most of the people that talk trash about Uncharted, has not seen the game in motion "LIVE". Because there is no way that you can see this game in motion and still talk sh*t.....the videos online does not really give this game justice. Because seeing and playing this game Live in real time....its fu*king sick....the best game graphical on any console?