Ports: Pressure at the Ports Review at CalmDownTom

Are you old?
Do you miss the days when games were nice and slow?
Do you come home from your monotonous day at work craving equally monotonous game play?
Are you under 5?

If you answered ‘yes’, to one or more of the above, maybe ‘Ports’ is for you.

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Bathyj2506d ago


Bring back The Last Ninja !!

banjadude2506d ago

Wow, never seen a 0 out of 10 before, lol... *looks for gameplay videos on youtube*

rezzah2506d ago

well they are very rare, on a gaming review show a guy once rated a game -2!

I think it was attack of the review or something, if you know it then it was the chubby guy who gave the rating.

banjadude2506d ago

Wow... lol. I'll search around for that review.

Tony P2506d ago

...So who else thought of Shenmue?