Is it the right time to buy into Blu-ray?

In the run-up to Christmas, the fight between Blu-ray and HD DVD is being fought largely by retailers. Finally consumers are seeing a broader selection of high-def disc players, and that's driving down prices.

The question is this: is now the right time to buy a high-def disc player?

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damnwrx3776d ago

Only if your willing to sacrifice one.......b) FTW.

marinelife93776d ago

This article offers absolutely nothing new to the table. I wasted my time reading it so you wouldn't have to.

BloodySinner3776d ago

Until there's a clear winner between HD DVD and Blu Ray, no one should risk it.

Capt CHAOS3776d ago

I might consider BluRay OR HD DVD in 2011

pornflakes3776d ago

Nobdoy will spend hunderts of dollars just to get "only the half" of movies.

Stupid article..

ash_divine3776d ago

I agree, when you look at it like that the whole thing is pretty stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.