Drake's On a Plane - Uncharted 3 Single-Player Impressions (

"Naughty Dog's Richard Lemarchand treated TGL to a short Uncharted themed briefing, one that began with an outline of the company that created Nathan Drake and ended with a live demo of an exclusive and as yet publicly unseen level from Uncharted 3."

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disturbing_flame2481d ago

Very well written and pleasant read.
i think in the next weeks i'll read more often gamingliberty.

BattleAxe2481d ago

I'm on a plane, I'm on a plane, I'm on a mutha f***'n plane!

DwightOwen2478d ago

Uncharted for PS3.

Skyrim for PC.

Man, I know what I'M going to be thankful for this November!