Kinect in core titles still 'toyed with', "nobody's figured it out yet"

Ubisoft's SVP of sales and marketing, Tony Key, says we're "all toying with" Kinect functionality in core titles as studios ask "how does it really improve"?

Right now it just provides "extra things" like Ghost Recon's gunsmith mode. It's a "tall order to actually improve" shooters with Kinect, because they're "so fine-tuned".

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Ddouble2425d ago

From what he's saying it looks to me like a hardcore Kinect game from them is not a prority and they don't know how they'll go about making one even if they try.

Microsoft themselves need to set the standard and make a dedicated hardcore game for it but if they're not doing it then why would others.

pixelsword2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )


EVILDEAD3602424d ago

@ Ddouble

You must have read a different article..

Basically, Ubisoft is saying it's silly to just tack on controls that don't improve the experience because gamer's won't support it anyway.

Ubisoft hit it right on the head. I'd rather developers use Kinect where it makes sense as opposed to just 'tacking on' controls to say they did it.

Luckily that's been Micrsoft's motto as well.

'Microsoft themselves need to set the standard and make a dedicated hardcore game for it but if they're not doing it then why would others'

The funny part of you saying this is that it's almost the exact same quote from Peter M. talking to press at E3 in June.

The 'hardcore' knock at Kinect is proven to be a sham.

When Kinect first arrived..they screamed it doesnt have hardcore games.

When Microsoft announced hardcore games that will implement Kinect then they same people screamed 'Micrsoft is concentrating too much on Kinect.

Bottomline is Kinect outdid Wii's top 3 selling motion control experiences.

Micrsofts original and the upcoming Kinect Sports 2 prove Kinect can do everything from bowling to golf to Football.

Next year Kinect will be implemented in next years Madden, Fifa, and Tiger Woods.

The original Dance Central and the sequel is simply the Guitar Hero for Dancing games..period

Ubisoft's Fitness Evolved and the sequel set the bar for immersion in fitness games.

Ubisoft's Child of Eden, although a niche title proved good Kinect controls with that type of game could be.

Forza 4 not only added controls to one the #1 hardcore racer this gen it added the original Autovista immersion experience.

Mass Effect 3 is adding a fun way to play one of the most anticipated RPGs this gen.

Micrsoft is leading the ground up experiences for Kinect through Fable: Journey and Ryse (which may finally implement the true hybrid experience).

Not to mention Steel Battalion and Project Draco as well.

The bottomline is Kinect is a platform that is well rounded. It's not all about shooters. You have reatail games from Gunslinger to arcade games like Fruit Kinect to essentially 'app' experiences from Fun Labs.

It'll be interesting to see what arrives between this holiday and the next. But right now Kinect is essentially in it's own lane.


MrSpace2425d ago

Ghost Recon's gunsmith mode looks like something where the novelty will wear off in a few months.

gamingdroid2425d ago

However, the squad control using voice in ME3 seems very useful. That one was one of the sticking points for me while playing the older games.

pixelsword2425d ago

I can agree with that; but that ain't kinect, that's a mic.

gamingdroid2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

The executive producer begs to differ:

"Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson says BioWare is bringing voice commands to Kinect and Xbox 360 because Microsoft’s sound and motion-sensing controller is doing the hard work of voice recognition. Kinect’s internal hardware is what makes it possible, not just its microphones."

That said, none of the other voice control systems I used, including the one that came with EndWar, was as accurate as Kinect. Voice control without accuracy can quickly get annoying....

giovonni2425d ago

Sega did a wonderful job with Rise of Nightmares with the kinect I'm sure developers can expand on it

Tanir2425d ago

its pretty simple why you cant really make a hardcore good game with the same quality as other real games.

there is no directional buttons/analog. you cannot move at will with the kinect, it cant simulate actual walking, running, this is why everything is on rails, which on rails is fun for some games but when you want a real game like skyrim or uncharted, how do you get that to translate from camera sensing? you cant.

the wii and move can do it because they have an analog controller,

while something like the move has alot of on rails games aswell you can still play infamous, uncharted, killzone, lbp etc with it because you have the option to actually move.

that is where kinects biggest obstacle lies

coolbeans2425d ago

"this is why everything is on rails..."

Rise of Nightmares (Kinect exclusive) is not on-rails.

Games4M - Rob2425d ago

yeah, and its pretty much universally agreed that Rise of Nightmares (Kinect exclusive) utterly stinks.

Tanir2425d ago

um, rise of nightmares is crap, if thats all you have to defend your kinect then just give up.

it wasn't made to be a core gaming experience, it was just getting some of the wii crowd, you shoulda known that since it was announced

coolbeans2425d ago

1. I never "defend" Kinect in this statement, only correcting you when you specifically stated "...this is why everything is on rails..." in your first post.

2. I never stated Rise of Nightmares was good. How could you get that from my reply?

Unsurprisingly, I get disagrees for something that factually disproves part of Tanir's first post. *rolls eyes* That's n4g for you.

Pikajew2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

IMO, A bunch of Kinect games look fun. I dont know why people are hating them.

People are hating it because motion controls are easy to hate

Wh15ky2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

The article and comments are about successfully implementing Kinect into core games not whether or not Kinect can be fun.

I've had some fun in the past with Kinect Sports and Dance Central but they are party games, I would not of had as much fun if I had played them on my own... whilst sober!

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