Award winning author asks: 'Why aren't more books turned into games?'

"Hollywood's cowardice can become gaming's unique strength"

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THC CELL2241d ago

Harry potter a game, lord of the ring a game, game of thrones is becoming a game

NewMonday2241d ago

i think he means direct adaptation from a book. not an adaptation of an adaptation

Wintersun6162241d ago

I want a game based after Lee Child's and Michael Connelly's books. Though they might not be the best games of all time, if done right they would certainly be interesting and could bring a fresh breeze to gaming.

ProjectVulcan2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Jack reacher is a half detective, half problem eliminating ass kicker. Interesting combo for a game. Would be hard to convey in a game though- as would many characters if the game is you playing as the main character.

I think this is because we don't picture ourselves as the lead quite as easily as we do in a movie. For example as Reacher if you could kill or beat up innocents then that would mean effectively you aren't Reacher and thus the portrayal is a failure.

I could imagine however an alan wake type narrative for that kind of game, but that means extreme linearity.

gillri2241d ago

Call of Cthulu was a brilliant example.....H.P.Loveraft in case you were wondering

sonicsidewinder2241d ago

brilliant game, till I hit an unpassable glitch :(

gravemaker2241d ago

Actually, in russia, there is much more book-game adaptations. Trash mostly, but still.

mastershredder2241d ago

Yeah, particularly a lot of those adventure games.

mastershredder2241d ago

Award winning author needs to do some research.

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The story is too old to be commented.