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DigitalFoundry writes: Fantasy games are rarely so horrifying as Dark Souls can be, and it's a pleasure to see another take on the same visual references put forward by Demon's Souls just two years ago. Although the world of Boletaria has been exchanged for Lordran, much remains the same. The long bridges guarded by red wyverns and undead hoplites still show From Software's love of old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and the winding, eldritch castle passageways continue to succeed in baiting the reckless gallivant into an untimely end, while rewarding the more patient, methodical player.

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floetry1012506d ago

I'm glad that the rag-doll affect is back. Dodge rolling over corpses sometimes pulls them over your shoulder.

They seem fairly even in this case. I'm glad that the 360 version can be enjoyed on the same level. This game deserves a big audience.

Malice-Flare2506d ago

if this goes on, comparisons like this will become boring and useless. that's a good thing...

CBaoth2506d ago

but it is funny watching bots and droids argue over useless crap. Sensible gamers just shake their heads and move on....

TyrionL2506d ago

Look I agree with you 100% that these used as fanboy fodder is the dumbest sh1t ever, but I like these comparisons. I own both consoles, and I want to buy the best running version. I find these comparisons helpful. Do I come on N4G and spout, "NANA, my consoles better than yours, because it runs X game better than yours"? No of course not, but if one version had better FPS and a lot less screen tearing then I will buy that one. I think I am a very sensible gamer and I don't shake my head at these, but if you meant shake my head at the fanboys fighting over these comparisons, I agree 100000%.

Ju2506d ago

Ha ha ha. Is that for real? Is this running Sony's PhyrEngine? Even on the 360. LOL. Cool.

Oldman1002506d ago

Haha yah i got a chuckle out of that too. But looking at those disagrees it seems like a few people aren't as amused by it, lol.

Ju2506d ago

LOL. Yeah.

Curious how From SW customized it, though. They can basically do what ever they want with the engine. Windows target is there, so I guess it was not too hard to add a target for the 360.

What is interesting, PhyrEngine supports the Vita, as well. Hell, that would be something. Getting it for the Vita as well.

LightofDarkness2506d ago

"it's ironic that Dark Souls is just as unforgiving towards your hardware as it is to you."

That's not ironic, if anything it would be expected for the reasons given.

Irony is supposed to be a tragically unlikely outcome that is almost comical.

It's like if you were afraid of everything as a child, but the circus and it's clowns were the only things that made you laugh and feel safe. Then, on your 21st birthday, you're raped by a clown.

That would be irony.

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