AMD's Phenom - For suckers only

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes takes a critical look at AMD's Phenom quad-core CPU and arrives at the conclusion that being an early adopter of AMD's new quad-core line is for suckers only.

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Vip3r4047d ago

Or for people who aren't stinking rich.

mighty_douche4047d ago

did you even check the prices before writing that??

new Phenon = £199
intel Q6600 = £160

weaker and more expensive.

Vip3r4047d ago

I was comparing it to the QX9770 which you yourself said could cost around £700.

Crazyglues4047d ago

wow this sucks, I was hoping they would give Intel a run for their money, and maybe force Intel to step it up to the next level.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to keep building my super PC with the intell Q6600 for running Crysis.

mighty_douche4047d ago

the Q6600 is a great piece of kit, mines OC to 3.2ghz and honestly, nothing makes it break a sweat! GOOD cooling needed tho if your thinking of OC-ing.

KINGDRAMA4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

all core2 duos overclock well with stock cooling.

for extreme ocing u need added cooling.

amd/ati are gonners. both gpu/cpu reiterations they have brought to the table cant stand a chance against intel/nvidia

ruibing4046d ago

I have been reading about the recently released new ATI gpus that seem like a really good midrange card that gives the 8800GT a good run for the money.

GIJeff4046d ago

That my fx-62 still owns these...AMD is going towards the cheap market with these chips and the 3800 series, and for the price, they still own it. I am not going to spend 1,000$+ for a CPU that will change my framerate from 100 to 105. Its pointless.

gta_cb4046d ago

this is a shame, i have always been an AMD fan but with the C2D chips being as cheap and overclockable as they are i went and bought one. but deep down i wanted AMD to be better to step see what Intel could do next.

seems i made the right choice buying Intel Core 2 Duo

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