id Software: Rage is a “summer blockbuster action flick”

id Software has described post-apocalyptic shooter Rage as a “summer blockbuster action flick”.

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Surfaced2296d ago

Isn't every shooter these days?

RBLAZE19882296d ago

it sure looks a michael bay induced post apocalyptic rail shooter from what I have watched...Id could have done some great things but it looks like it was mostly hype with this game but who knows I haven't played all of it so i can't be totally sure but from what I have seen it looks like i would not really be enjoying it.

Ahasverus2296d ago

That's their excuse for a zero-inmersive and empty shell of a FPS. Bravo!

Baka-akaB2296d ago

And what's your excuse for expecting some deep story and immersion from an ID software shooter :p ?

Great action is what they do best

AllroundGamer2296d ago

lol yeah stop hype and start fixing bugs :p

Optical_Matrix2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I played the game and thought it lacked character. And, well, in my opinion, the post apocalyptic setting has been done so many times this generations that iD would have done well to release the game 3 years ago. People acted as if it were the second coming of christ within the FPS genre, yet I see no innovation or anything note worthy at all apart from the detailed environment. Everything else is bog standard FPS tripe.

bumnut2296d ago

I had high hopes for this game, and truly believed it would offer a new experience.

I think Ill pass after reading the reviews.

dredgewalker2296d ago

Wow, I really hope it's not as bad as you say. I was hoping for a Stalker like experience with this but it looks like only Stalker 2 will provide me with a different fps experience. I'm also getting disheartened to buy the pc version with all the bugs I've been hearing about.

Drjft2296d ago

If this is a blockbuster flick then every WWE movie is Titanic quality.

Laxman2162289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

No, it actually has all the qualities of a Blockbuster movie. As I wrote in my review;

"Rage wonderfully showcases id Software’s extensive history of great character design, graphical prowess and top-tier First Person Shooter combat, but sadly fails to uphold their same standard of innovation and creativity. Over-all, its disappointing package, but only when compared to id’s legacy. Rage is still a solid shooter, and is best described as akin to a summer blockbuster film - looks the part and is a great diversion, but is all style and no substance. This will quickly be forgotten."


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The story is too old to be commented.