Saints Row The Third EPICTOBER Exclusive Moment

If you're looking for a serious open-world game, with a strong emphasis on character development - you might want to look elsewhere than Saints Row: The Third. The Saints Row series has always been all about over-the-top action and good-clean-fun, and the upcoming threequel doesn't look to be any different.
You'll see what I mean in this exclusive Saints Row: The Third moment.
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WhiteLightning2545d ago

Looks amazing

Quick question though...

Does anyone know if a CE is being made for Europe? I've looked and looked but all I can find is the limited edition. US has got a CE, Australia has....I'm sure they said Europe was getting one but for it being released soon, there cutting it a little late.

shadowwizard2545d ago

Well I live in Europe and we are getting CE, which comes with headphones and Genki DLC... So yeah, I think they also made CE for Europe...

WhiteLightning2545d ago

Is it...well so far in the UK not one game site has put the CE up for pre order.

Blogz4Fanboyz2545d ago

saints row 3 is looking great

not good for on my money or time this part of the year. just bought gears. forza, rage, battlefield, this, uncharted and mw3 to get.. lol

jophus2545d ago

Really looking forward to this game.

It's also refreshing to see XPlay hasn't given up on it's endless quest to be totally unfunny. KEEP FIGHTING!

MasterD9192545d ago

THQ gives you the season pass + genki pack if you order it through their website...I think that's a pretty good deal.

Convas2545d ago

Dammit. Every time I cut a game off my wishlist, it comes back and smacks me in the head.