110°; So You Want To Make Games?

Daniel Owens from shows you how you can begin making your very own MMORPG with little to no knowledge required.

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MeatAbstract2541d ago

Saved this page. Will be interested to give this a try in the near future.

MMOGames2541d ago

Good luck! Let us know if you ever finish a project :)

Zichu2541d ago

Currently reading through, I am actually learning C++, ActionScript and bits of DirectX through books. I have learnt a good amount. Theres so much more for me to learn, not just on the programming side of things, but in algorithm, algebra, formulas, vector space, etc.

It's actually very fun to learn, when you start understanding so much about it, it's get really fun. Just being able to make your first program, even if it asks your name lol, it was amazing because you made that program. Obviously, it's alot different now, code looks complex and it takes longer to write a program.

Really looking forward to being able to start programming some games that I have come up with. Just hope the industry doesn't move to quickly before I jump into it.

MMOGames2540d ago

Well if anything the industry is empowering the indie/solo developers more and more.