Ubisoft: "We need to back off" annual Assassin's Creed updates

Assassin’s Creed has seen annual updates for a while now, but Ubisoft have suggested that they’ll be taking some time off after next year’s installment to work on “something fresh” for the franchise.

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dangert122506d ago

Atleast they are looking after there game I thought It had cod syndrome

HeavenlySnipes2506d ago

and got massive disagrees. They should try making something else inbetween or taking two years instead of one to make every AC game

DatNJDom812506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I agree. But you have to give them credit. Every AC that came out was an improvement over the previous, considering that they only had one year to develop. I mean even the cod guys technically get 2 years for each game (IW 1 year and Treyarch the next). Makes me wonder why they hell they don't upgrade. Ubisoft actually tries new stuff with each game. If they take 2 years, the product should be alot better than the previous.

Baka-akaB2506d ago

You said hat except you and others make it sounds they were recycling things without improvements like cod .

They actually kept assassin creed fresh and massively improved on it every game , even ultimately adding a great multiplayer experience to a genre that wasnt predisposed to it .

I always have to laugh when some claims (not aiming at you) Brotherhood should just have been a AC2 dlc or included in ac2 .

They obviously didnt truly play the game . Sure brotherhood started off from a bad idea (cutting off most of Rome from AC2) and greed , but it became its own beast and game .

Anyway NOW that they feel they might tire it and will soon run out of steam , they'll pull back .

theonlylolking2506d ago

Rainbow six vegas should be the game in between or a new franchise.

koehler832506d ago

I'm still looking forward to Revelations. Then I'd happily take a year off from the series to prepare for AC3, which will probably be on the next set of consoles.

ItsMeAgain2506d ago

LOL, man there's an AC for 2012 hehe.

MostJadedGamer2506d ago

AC3 has already been confirmed for 2012

Quagmire2506d ago

With good reason to accomapany the story, AC3 will release next year. I hope its the final game this gen tbh. I dont mind waiting two, even 3 years or until the next gen for a new AC story arc.

Hopefully this means we can get a sequel to PoP 08!

smashman982505d ago

ugh i hated that one it was so boring

lorianguy2506d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they're not going the same way as CoD and churning out an extremely similar game year after year

PandaJenkins2506d ago

Bit late for me, already lost a lot of interest with the yearly releases. Desmond's story is the only thing really making me want to keep playing them and even then, it hardly progressed in Brotherhood :/.

n4gisatroll2506d ago

That's because those arent actually sequel's. It's more of an expansion. Ac3 comes out next year.

galgor2506d ago

They said the same thing I think after 2 came out.. but maybe they mean it this time.

PhantomT14122506d ago

Yeah and last time it was a dev of Brotherhood who said we wouldn't have a "big" AC this year. Their CEO then immediately claimed it wasn't his role to decide such things. And this time it's a dev too...

smashman982505d ago

2 came out 2 years after 1

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The story is too old to be commented.