First Image of Mad Hatter in Batman Arkham City

Rocksteady has unveiled Mad Hatter as a new Villian in Batman Arkham City with this first Image.

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JellyJelly2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I just wish he Had Matter. You know, was a Tad Fatter.

@Yi-Long- I agree with everything you said. The Scarecrow levels were awesome. One of my favourite parts in Arkham Asylum were the Riddler challenges. Lining up those question marks was very addictive. I hope they have added more or them, and more variations as well.

Some cell-shaded more comic like sub-levels would be a neat touch.

Yi-Long2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

... taking Batman out into some kind of 'dream-world', for some cool different kind of gameplay. I certainly hope so, cause the Scarecrow parts were the best in Arkham Asylum.

I also think we will get some cell-shaded The Animated Series levels in this game, probably in some kind of dreamworld, so that would make sense.

Sugreev20012547d ago

I said the same thing on another website covering this.I think it will be akin to the episode "Perchance to Dream" from the Batman Animated series made in the 90's,which is one of the inspirations for Rocksteady behind this series.

Yi-Long2547d ago

... I watched that episode again a few weeks ago, and that is indeed why I was thinking the same thing.

Getting inside people's minds, in a slightly different way than Scarecrow (nightmares vs colorful 'happy' dreamworlds, toxins vs technical devices and soundwaves), seems to be Hatter's main thing, so in combination with the TAS skins, it would make perfect sense.

Sugreev20012546d ago

I wish Roddy McDowell was still alive.He voiced him in the series,and I still associate the Mad Hatter with his voice.

rattletop2547d ago

i thought rocksteady wud base the character on this guy
oh well

Nunchez2547d ago

Batman's pretty fucked in this game with all these awesome villains! It's gonna be brilliant!