Xbox 720 logo spotted in the Real Steel trailer

Some of you may have seen the TV spots for the new movie called "Real Steel". Well while watching the trailer a few eagle eyed people spotted a logo for the Xbox 720, a yet to be announced system. I know what most people are thinking, "Well the movie is set in the future". While that may be true the other logos are still relevant today and it seems a bit odd to have an Xbox 720 logo there to advertise a product that hasn't even been formally announced yet.

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Iamback2547d ago

smoke = fire.
Too much smoke in last few weeks

darthv722547d ago

then we would really have a rocky 38 as seen in airplane 2.

inveni02547d ago

Agreed, and we'd have flying cars ala Back to the Future within the next 3 years.

We all know we won't have flying cars by then...however, I am really looking forward to picking up a Hoverboard....

cooperdnizzle2547d ago

inveni0, i feel ya man, i want my hoverboard, they said we would have hoverboards by now and i want what was promised to me. Where are the freaking hoverboards, can i get my hoverboard. Seriously where the heck are all the hoverboards. LOL JK.

Kleptic2547d ago

and people really think the next xbox is going to be called the '720'?...that is the weirdest logic i've come across, even by gaming industry standards...

the xbox 360 is called the '360' for ONE reason...the playstation 3...MS didn't want an 'xbox 2' going up against a playstation 3 for marketing reasons, as it would confuse consumers into thinking the 'new' xbox was older than the 'new' playstation...the first Xbox had that exact problem going up against the PS2...and look how that turned out...

not saying 360 is a great name either, but it has a 3 in it which is what MS needed...

but my guess is both the next xbox and the next playstation won't have numbers anyway, as Nintendo figured out coming out with an even weirder name is the best way to get ignorant consumers to buy gimmicky product...

darthv722547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

allot of people haven't seen airplane 2. It wasn't as good as the 1st but still entertaining in the goofy humor sort of way.

William Shatner was good in it.

edit: @kleptic...I dont know if this has anything to do with the name but I believe MS wanted to enforce how the '360' would provide entertainment all the way around ie...360 degrees. At first i thought it had to do with gaming all the time day or night 365 days a year but it wasnt called the 365.

Providing games for all types of gamers and covering all the bases (for the time) could have been seen as some sort of 360 degrees of gaming. Thus the name.

If i'm wrong that's ok. I like your idea as well.

sphinct2547d ago

@ darthv72

Great point. I smell bologna.

Agent_00_Revan2547d ago

we also would have the Batman/Superman team up movie as seen in I Am Legend.



One year ago I would totally disagree with you on PS4, as Sony has a story with numbered PlayStations, but after Vita... I guess today every company is really concerned with naming the product right, not that they weren't before, but I guess now a name can indeed make or break your sales. You either present it as something really unique (regardless of it being) or everyone will claim the metoo card and pass to the next.

gamingdroid2546d ago

The thing here is that the placement is using a potentially trademarked name that doesn't belong to the developer.

I'm not sure of the legal implications....

CrimsonEngage2546d ago

Or a Batman vs Superman as seen in I AM LEGEND.

Skizelli2546d ago

360 is also one revolution, another meaning for the name.

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PJF_Josh2547d ago

Right, because Microsoft is definitely going to go with 720 for the next Xbox. That's brilliant marketing and it's a name that has so much meaning. Their new tag line was unveiled as "It's TWICE the system", very clever boys.


xtremeimport2547d ago

Just like the Superman vs Batman ad in I Am Legend...its just the they make stuff up to see futuristic. stop reading into this stuff people.

Wizziokid2547d ago

this means nothing.. the movie is set in the future.

wwm0nkey2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Why pay for product placement for a product that wont exist though?

PixL2547d ago

Obviously because you still get whisper advertising for Xbox brand and increase curiosity of potential customers.

Wizziokid2547d ago

because people will see the xbox name and relate to that, the 720 is just because it's set in the future, a nice little nod to the brand I think

HappyGaming2547d ago

To show that even in the future Xbox will be a successful platform?

SilentNegotiator2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's just the 360 logo with 2 numbers changed. It's obviously not the successor's logo. It's just TEH FUTURE!! they need future stuff in it.

Not to mention that I REALLY doubt they'll go with that name. MAYBE Xbox 1080 or something. But if they're going to be marketing a full HD console, they're not going to want "720" (as in 720p) to be associated with it.

...and a BING ad? In the future? lol, like it will make it very far into it.

DeadIIIRed2547d ago

One of my favorite ads that gets it right. Most of the time it just shows the consumer that they can be confident that the brand name will be around for a long time.

sticky doja2547d ago

"Why pay for product placement for a product that wont exist though?"

Because it is advertisement for today.

Anyone remember the I think it was Xbox 9 in the Island?

Funny it kind resembles a future kinect.

Kleptic2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

'future' movies have ALWAYS done this...take a known current brand, and put a tongue and cheek version of it to 'show us' the future...

remember back to the future 2?...we should have mini dehydrated pizza's from pizza hut now that turn into a giant pie in seconds...let alone a GE 'hydrator' that you use to do it...

"Dad, phones for you, its needles"...

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NukaCola2547d ago

The Island was set in the future but featured Xbox motion fighting (Kinect-like). Quite scary if you ask me.

Zechs342547d ago

Dont forget Resistance 3 was also spotted in Battle:La... so you never know...

tplarkin72547d ago

It's really interesting that MS allowed the ad. At the very least, MS is considering the name "Xbox 720".

Prophet-Gamer2547d ago

I really doubt that the X3 will be called the 720. I mean, 360 made sense but simply doubling up the number? Come on, I'm sure MS' ad team are more creative than that. I'd be fine with just Xbox 3, but that also probably won't happen.

No FanS Land2547d ago

Ms exactly decided not to use Xbox2 because it would compete with the PS3, and from an uninformed customer, i.e. parents, they would buy the PS3 for their kids simply because of the higher number.

Hoolock2547d ago

The use of the logo is just a nod to the brand. Using Xbox 360 would feel out of place in a futuristic setting. Nokia for example in the new Star Trek film had a mock futuristic phone for placement.

Also I highly doubt any future Xbox would carry branding so blatantly similar to the current Xbox sphere and lettering.

colonel1792547d ago

Man, why do people get carried away by nothing. The movie is set in the future and that is only to make notice that the xbox would be in their next gen. Is like if in 1999 would have made a movie about 2011 and someone would have added an ad about a playstation 3 or 4. That didn't mean the PS would have existed at that time.

Also, there is no way MS would name their next console Xbox 720.

Muffins12232547d ago

They also had bing....seems Microsoft paid for advertisement.Seems real,if not.This time of thing as never been done before

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The Meerkat2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Jaws 19 was advertised in Back to the Future 2.

And it was in 3D!

Swiggins2547d ago

"The shark still looks fake..."

- Marty McFly

darfreeze2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It should be Xbox 1080. XD

user8586212547d ago

-_-' its just a nod to the 360, same way deus ex had a poster to final fantasy 28

wwm0nkey2547d ago

Microsoft has to pay for product placement, I doubt this will be the name or logo but its a pretty apparent hint that they are working on the next system.