Metal Gear Solid HD Collection hands-on [GameShard]

GameShard writes: "If MGS2 still looked brilliant, though, I have to say MGS3 looks absolutely unbelievable. MGS3 was always a highly detailed game, and the always ambitious Kojima decided to set the game in a jungle, which was always going to push the PS2 with it's visuals. This resulted in the game having to put up with a lower (30 fps) framerate, which wasn't much of an issue but was definately noticable next to the silk-smoothness of MGS2. Thanks to the upscale to HD, the game can now fulfil its potential years later and look without a doubt better than it ever has before."

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zeal0us2505d ago

I believe November 8, at least thats what amazon says.

blumatt2505d ago

@ disagrees I can wait?? Is that better? haha