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GameShard writes: "I'm left somewhat disappointed by how familiar it all feels, and yet I know I would have been just as disappointed if the game had felt completely different to the last entry - us fighting game fans are difficult sods to please, aren't we? What I can say is, Soul Calibur V feels just as accessible and entertaining as its forebears, and looks even better."

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Adolph Fitler2479d ago

This series has stalemated since the awesomely exciting, fresh & new PS1 version which was actually called Soul Edge I believe.....When the Dreamcast version came out, the gaming press went spastic & so did a lot of gamers, so I went out & bought it thinking it would be as exhilirating as Soul Edge on PS1, but I was honestly majorly let down, as the hype didn't match the quality of the game.......if you'd played the PS1 version, it was truly unbeliavable to experience the music, sound effects, fast fluid gameplay, awesome controls, levels that exuded scale, atmosphere & history, then when the announcer started his spiel about the satge of history being set & such....

I can only guess that many reviewers & players in our Western society did not play & somehow missed Soul Edge on you couldn't possible get that excited about Soul Calibre on Dreamcast, as it felt to much like you'd been there done that before & could not garner that WOW factor again from previous series owners. I will say that it was one of my most hammered PS1 games & I adored & played the living hell out of it, so the DC version had a lot to live up to, so when it was more of the same with better graphics, it was in a losing battle from there.

The fact that it does not have the same depth of gameplay as say Tekken or VF also hinders it's cause....and although I still enjoyed the DC version to a limited degree mainly cause it was in a minority of good games for that system, each new iteration afterwards has kind of gotten worse & lost it more & more over the years.

But, on saying that, Namco/Bandai could easily bring this series kicking, screaming & slashing back up with the top dogs by simply blowing out the character roster to 50 instead of 15 (as every other fighter is fact, they should friggin change the next ones time period by 30-50 years & give us an entirely new character list & weapons with the return of a lot of the favorite instruments of death, but a ton more to choose), it is essential in todays gaming enviroment for a fighter to be expoding at the seams with new interesting characters to experiment with, it's also essential for Namco to totally overhaul the gameplay mechanics & deepen the experience as even the DC version to me was not enhanced very much at all from the PS1 fact, it felt exactly the same & worse beacuse of that been there done that feeling, a FPS can get away with same old gameplay due to the very expansive nature of the enviroments, objectives & other varaibles that allow the genre to have stalemate gameplay mechanics (the COD series has proven that you can do this time & time, sequel after sequel), the other thing that needs to be done for any new fighter, not just this one, is the damn online gaming is a huge factor in the ruining of the fighter genre, because fighters have ALWAYS been the most fun when pumelling a mates head into the ground when he's sitting right beside you, or having 3-4 mates over & the ol' winner plays on, pass the parcel controller technique..I had tonnes of fun playing MK, Killer Instinct, SF2, Buster Douglas Boxing to mention some faves, back in the 16 bit days, & then onto the Tekkens, Soul Edge & such on PS1.

Adolph Fitler2479d ago

PS2 was the start where fighters kind of stalemated with samely Madden-esque updates & apart from Tekken Tag Tournament which still stands as one of my all time favorite fighters, & Tekken 5 to a far lesser degree, I was weening off fighters to say the least. But the sad part was, it wasn't through choice, it was the afforementioned reason, as well as PS2 games offering a newer, deeper gaming experience with games like DMC offering a game that nearly had Soul Calibres number of moves, combined into an anthralling action, adventure, hacker, slasher game that was like nothing ever seen before. So online gameplay has to be completely perfect & lag free to nulify frustration.And the other thing I would encourage Namco/Bandai to add to this stale series is blood, guts, dismemberment & a fatality system.

AriesSiren2479d ago

i was thinkin the same thing the fighters dont look that much older and the new fighters are basically clones. hope they drastically change it up

malik0092478d ago

to be completely honest this game is aimed at fans, its more accessible now, but to really get what changes have been made u kinda have to know the game. i hate it when reviews like this say that they can hardly tell the deference, just watching i can see the deference. and to the people reveling in the decline of fighting video games, there fighting video games. if u like the older version, play it =_= no one is stopping you. there is no way that any gamer hasnt been disappointed by a sequel that didnt reach expectations, but you shouldn't let expectations ruin what looks to be the best SC in a long time.