Dead Space 3 Story Line Confirms Isaac Clarke

A new leak confirms Dead Space 3 and its new storyline revealing Isaac Clarke’s alternate personality. More details on this report.

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Marcello2482d ago

Hmm interesting poor old Isaac is turning into Golem !!

egidem2480d ago

I just hope that this time time they concentrate more on the single player aspect of the game. Although DS 2 was enjoyable, there really wasn't a need for multiplayer.

The Meerkat2482d ago

So many good games this year, I haven't found time to play DS2.

Army_of_Darkness2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

After playing it for an hour, I chickened out! damn that game is great! but once I build up some curage I'm gonna continue it;)

Dark_Overlord2482d ago

I'd be disappointed if it didn't

yesmynameissumo2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I hope they make another animated flick that ties into the games as well as the other two. I had a Dead Space-a-thon awhile back and played the games/watched the movies in order. Just awesome.

iXenon2481d ago

Isaac's life is a friggin' mess...

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