JustPushStart: Crysis (Xbox 360) Review

Back in 2007, one of the most demanding PC games on the market was Crysis. No matter how good your GPU was, pushing the game to its maximum performance was nearly impossible. Even though Crysis was a demanding game in 2007, it was praised by a lot of critics and was considered by many to be the best first person shooter game. Several years after its success, the sequel to Crysis has been released not only on PC but for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well. The result? Another successful game from Crytek.

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TrevorPhillips2512d ago

Marvellous score!! Getting it right now, like literally, I have got out of my room, went to the PS3 and downloaded it lol :)

Septic2511d ago

Man I have so many games to complete/buy:

Deus Ex Human Revolutions

Gears of War 3



Forza 4
And now this....

Need more time!!

ELinktricTears2511d ago

im having more fun with crysis than i did with crysis 2

Perjoss2511d ago

anyone know if they are planning a boxed version also or is this GoD only?

FragMnTagM2511d ago

GoD only as of right now.

stickythroat2511d ago

i'm playing crysis on xbox right now and for those people, (like myself) who don't have a pc or are wondering if they should purchase this game for their console.....well i completely agree with the review...a couple of small glitches but otherwise this game is runs smooth, the graphics are good and the gameplay is excellant....thankyou last i get to play crysis.

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