Ten rare PS2 games that we'd love released on the PlayStation Network

The PS2 was a console with many, many, many good games that flew under the radar. Some are being remade with HD and trophy support, and this is a good thing, but the idea of "PS2 Classics" for those games that have potential audiences too small for a full remake is just as good, especially as these games can also be played on the Vita on the go in the future (something the HD remakes can’t).

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Magnus2512d ago

I wouldn't mind if Sony released Wild Arms 4,5,6 Xenosaga 1,2,3 and Ar Tonelico 1,2 on the PSN just to name a few there are a lot more games I would not mind seeing.

jonboi242512d ago

U mean Wild Arms 3, 4 and 5. 1 & 2 were on the PSX and 6 was never released on the PS2 and never been officially announced. Though I would also add Wild Arms Alter Code F on that list as well. But before any of those games they need to f*cking release Legends if Dragoons first.

Rynx2512d ago

War of the Monsters anyone??

JaredH2512d ago

I agree. I loved that game but traded it in and idk why. The Tokyo map where you could shoot the UFO and cause the tsunami was great.

jacksonmichael2512d ago

These aren't that rare, are they? Or am I just spoiled by my local mom n' pop game stores?

Canary2512d ago

Well, they might be rare... but they're not valuable. You can find any--and I mean ~any~--PS2 game on ebay for less than $15 USD. There are enough games out there, even the relatively rare ones like NIS titles, that the value is pretty low.

OzzieArcane2512d ago

Dragon Quest VII definitely isn't that rare. But the others while perhaps not rare are mostly not that well known and could use the exposure more.

MattS2512d ago

Dragon Quest was very rare here in Australia. I've only ever seen two or three copies in stores.

That series only started getting mass recognition down here with the DS remakes of IV, V, VI and the new IX game, mostly because Nintendo published and distributed them.

OzzieArcane2512d ago

Ah that makes more sense then. In the states you can get a factory sealed copy of it for like $20 now though.

MattS2512d ago

@OzzieArcane - if only the PS2 wasn't region locked, then ;-)

kasasensei2512d ago

If sony releases the software ps2 emulation, there is no problem anymore with region lock. They can do what they want.
BUT regarding sony habits, there's no doubt they'll threat us like milking cows and ask lot of money for ps2 games, won't allow us to play with our legit ps2 physical copies and will probably let the region lock, just for fun to see people, like us in europe, pay the maximum price.
This is pathetic.

newn4gguy2512d ago


Here's an idea...

Play your PS2 games on your PS2!!! :D

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Apotheosize2512d ago

how about every game thats possible

Relientk772512d ago

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is amazing

didnt really know it was rare though

newn4gguy2512d ago

In Australia, it is. In both Japan and the US, it sold well. The demo for FF XII helped it in the US.

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