Modern Warfare 3 - Did you know?

MMGN blogger writes: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is approaching us at an alarming rate, and sooner or later, COD COD COD is all you’re going to hear.
However, if you are craving some details right now,I have compiled a list of information in regards to the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer
event I attended in September.

Many of the “Did you Knows” come straight from my Q and A the attendees and I had with Robert Bowling as well
as the actual hands on I had with the game. So without further ado let’s get started!

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PCRockStar2481d ago

Why are you so alarmed?
I'm not alarmed.
Are you alarmed?

Fred-G-Sanford2481d ago

I get alarmed when I think about the incoming COD hate that will be on full display when MW3 breaks records and destroys the competition next month.

We will be treated to a constant stream of "OMGZ this game is for stupid newbs, BF3 is 43 million times better...AHHHHHrageAHHHHHH!!!! "

bwazy2481d ago

Same release date every year since 09?

Not alarmed.

Ezio20482481d ago

not sure about being alarmed (since it launches in the SAME month every year)...but i am all excited and getting it day 1.

Chuk52479d ago

After some deliberation, I've decided if they can get close to what COD4 did for me (4th favorite game of all time) I will but this game. Black Ops was a decent attempt but it lacked polish, MW3 could very well do it.