onPause Review: RAGE

onPause writes:

Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake, those are the heavy FPS hitters of the nineties. Dallas based developer id Software have teamed up with Bethesda to finally create a new IP called Rage. When id revealed that it was working on a brand new FPS, the genre they created, which was also based on a newly developed engine, all of our hearts jumped a little bit with excitement. There is no doubt that Rage would be a pretty and well crafted, technically sound experience but is it able to live up to the incredible hype, that was build up since its announcement?

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mcroddi2452d ago

Probably my favorite FPS of the year.

RonyDean2452d ago

Still need to pick this one up... It sounds fantastic!

cyclindk2452d ago


Game is a 5 out of 10 for me, from my initial experience with it..

Ranich2452d ago

Agree 100%. Definitely wasn't worth the $60, considering its 10-12 hour story to top it off.