RAGE: Proof That Long Development Can Bring Results writes: While initial reviews have been mixed when it comes to id Software's latest epic RAGE, one thing is for certain - it's a title that harbours all the qualities of a triple-A franchise ready to explode. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, RAGE is far more important than its successes as a single-player adventure, or a chaotic multiplayer experience. It is living proof that if done correctly, a long development cycle can bring results.

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CloseSecond2542d ago

I'm not concerned about development time or how many worked on it. I'm more concerned about whether or not its fun and good value for money.

I don't play games just for the sake of playing them. I play to be entertained.

Crazyglues2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

It's worth the money... Really good game if you liked fallout or borderlands then you will love this game..

I played for 3 hours straight and only stop because it was late at night and I was falling asleep...

Id Software has done an amazing job here..


CRAGE1872542d ago

Hmm. This is the PC portion of the site. So no. Its a bad game, many have been refunded.