Game Guys review - ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

When they were originally released on the PlayStation 2, ICO and its spiritual prequel Shadow of the Colossus were considered two of the best games of its generation. Developed by Team Ico, the two games were different from nearly everything else available - having opted for a minimalistic approach to gaming rather than filling the games with enemies, traps, and everything else that then-modern games had.

Due to their artistic nature and emotional gameplay, the two titles achieved near-legendary status. Fast-forward to 2011 and SCEA has released re-released both titles onto one disk, re-mastering both for today's high definition monitors with 3D and trophy support.

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Jourdy2882548d ago

Nice work! One day when I own a PS3, I'll have to get these games.

SactoGamer2548d ago

Or you can pick both titles up used (new if you're lucky) for a PS2, assuming you have one.

Jourdy2882548d ago

LOL, I own a Dreamcast, Gamecube, and original Xbox but not a PS2 XD.
But yus, it's worth owning. Also, I live in CT, not CA, are you guys on the news over there (like, do you have your own segment)?
Sorry if it's annoying, but if I saw you guys on the news I'd tune in just to see you!

TheSoundDefense2548d ago

Do game developers even have the option of not including trophies?

Jourdy2882548d ago

Probably not.
And what's worse, I bet the trophies can't be... Altered. Like, I'd be fine with the trophies in this game, but they'd have to be SUBTLE.

colonel1792548d ago

These are awesome games and timeless classics. The collection may be reviewed with today's standards and might get a lower review, since the controls might seem a little outdated, and the graphics (although that should not count since the Wii exist).

I enjoyed every little bit of both games. I loved the music in both games, and I hope The Last Guardian has also this incredible music. Everything about these games just screams EPIC.

Judging it as a PS2 game I give them 10/10, as a collection taking new control mechanics exist etc, 9/10