Famitsu review scores (10/4)

Famitsu reviews RAGE, has the first score for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, hands out high marks to Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and more.

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meetajhu2508d ago

Rage - 9/9/8/9. Expected 10 for Graphics :(

NewMonday2508d ago

these scores are from 4 guys not 4 categories (if you assumed it so)

Bereaver2508d ago

I'm playing through rage right now (PC) and I've got to say the graphics are very nice. But on the other hand, there are a lot of textures that just look right out ugly.

Take for instance the very first town. When you arrive in the buggy with the town leader take a look at the pipes in front of the buggy where he parks it.

And as for Story, I really don't feel that connected with my character. Unlike fallout. That's what I really wished it had.

Other than that, the game's a blast and worth the money.

Apocwhen2508d ago

I believe they are supposed to release a 'Super Texture Pack' for the PC version relatively soon.

cyclindk2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Why the hell is this game getting high scores at all.. I want to hear some legitimate reasons that don't include the words "ID tech 5" or "Carmack..."

Boring as dirt.

Graphics are LAUGHABLE!!! 60fps is worthless if the textures are popping in constantly and when they are loaded at full resolution they still disappoint.

What happened to all the progress that games have made this generation and why isn't this game being judged against the same criteria?

- virtually zero environmental interactivity
- wretched story and bland setting (not to mention poorly realized/ you can recycle narrative "motifs," but generic is generic no matter the incentives to persuade you otherwise) as well as shallow characters
- enemies are simplistic both in design and tactics

RAGE might've been able to get away with its faults if it had been a release or year two title, but we're (360/PS3) in years 6 and 5 respectively..inexcusable.

- Don't think the sound effects are very moving either..

jc485732508d ago

I think the trailers and the hype really got us fooled.

ZeroChaos2508d ago

Not as much as Dead Island trailer did. :P

cyclindk2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The one main gameplay video I watched got me... it was where the "player" is moving reeeeally slowly (which, at the time I thought peculiar, but now I understand what they were trying to hide) through the level, being careful not to rotate the camera, only strafing from side to side...


Bereaver2508d ago

Although I completely understand and agree with what you've said, I don't believe it warrants a nerd "RAGE".

But yes, it does feel a tad boring.

My textures have no pop up at all though, 0% unless I'm staring at a wall and turn around 180 degrees as fast as I can. Then I'll notice a 250ms or so texture pop.

I think it's worth the money but I wouldn't give it 9's.