NowGamer - Crysis, Consoles And Crytek: Cevat Yerli Interview

NowGamer - We speak to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli about Crysis, the free-to-play market and OnLive.

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gypsygib2508d ago

I hope he's right about a 2012-2013 next-gen console release. I'm never buying a launch console again after my 360 broke 5 times (I treated it like gold, my PS2 and Xbox 1 still work). Plus look at early 3DS owners.

So I'm not a getting a next-gen console until 2 years after launch, 2012 would be perfect.

Valkyre2508d ago

silly xbox owners ... you need 5 broken 360s to understand that all you really need is a PS3...

InNomeDiDio2508d ago

I have many friends with 360s and no one ever had a problem with their console.

gypsygib2508d ago

I also have a PS3 and wouldn't say that all you need is PS3 as one of my fav games this gen is Reach (my 2010 GOTY), also Gears is great as well. Personally, I need both but I'm a gaming addict.

Coming from an owner of both systems, they each have there flaws and merits but you're right, if I HAD to recommend just one console, it would be the PS3 just b/c online is free and you get a lot more for your money (Blu-ray looks/sounds amazing, way better than any dl) despite MS having the much better OS (everything in the PS OS is so slow and takes far too many steps).

Orpheus2508d ago

Everytime i hear Cevat talkin about Consoles these days I feel like puking.

Btw i lost one bubble yesterday wont mind losing another lolz