Dark Souls might have a supply problem

Destructoid - It would appear that Namco Bandai may have been a little too conservative with its sales estimates for Dark Souls (review coming soon!), allegations mount around the Internet of retailers overselling their stock. Best Buy, Newegg and Amazon have all reportedly disappointed customers by not having enough copies to meet demand.

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-Alpha2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

My Best Buy or Future Shop didn't get it, Gamestop all sold out, newegg screwed up, and now I here codes are not working.

I really want it but there seem to be a lot of issues. Can't complain because it was free content, but I'd have paid the extra $10, especially for a physical guidebook

I hope Namco decides to make more copies, a lot of people were promised L.E but got screwed, there is a huge communication problem

I think I have to cave in for the standard edition :(

Prophet-Gamer2544d ago

Wait it out man. I know it's tempting... eh, who am I kidding just go for it man. The wait could indeed kill you.

colonel1792544d ago

Might as well get used to die, right?

Prophet-Gamer2544d ago

haha, good one man. But hey, it's part of the fun, as weird as that may sound.

EVILDEAD3602544d ago

This is exactly what happened with Demons Souls, I was one of the lucky ones to preorder it and when I picked it up people were upset because Gamestop only sold the preorder copies.

This time around I actually saw copies around of the game. But then again was in Gamestop early to get Rage as well. I have wayyy too many games I'm trying to shuffle at the same time.

But dont worry if you don't own it yet, I only punin a couple of hours and I died enough for at least 3


Misterhbk2544d ago

I went to gamestop to grab a copy but they were sold out (i didn't preorder) so I stopped at fred meyer and they had a copy, but it was the last one, on PS3 at least. Didn't check the 360 section.

littletad2543d ago

I guess I'm lucky. I walked right into my gamestop on Davis Monthan and grabbed the last Limited Edition available, 360 only. Talk about luck.

n4gisatroll2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Me too, and paid extra for the demons souls collectors edition, hell for physical copies I'd pay an extra 20 or 30. But whatever, hopefully its just as great as demons souls, then I wouldn't feel as crappy about still waiting for my copy to come in, damn UPS.

n4gisatroll2544d ago

Finally got mine 9 pm. Wth. And it has 2 different langauges all over my box art, same for any of you?

Myst2544d ago

Oh lord this again :/! Shame some people won't be able to play it.

EcoSos32544d ago

I just went to gamestop at noon and bought it they are overstock lol

kreate2544d ago

which gamestop did u go to?
so others can go there and pick it up.

EcoSos32544d ago

Ok ill tell u somewhere in PA...

gdogg6662544d ago

ohhh gosh like this wasnt expected lmao

madjedi2543d ago

Considering it's namco-bandai publishing it and not tiny atlus yeah, i thought they were one of the atleast midsized japanese publishers.

FunAndGun2544d ago

Fry's Electronics has the game for $50.

In store, Chicago location. they had a bunch when I went today.

It is pretty much Demon's Souls 2 with the Nexus being a bonfire.

great game so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.