Releasing it again? Developers and the Remake Syndrome: Pros and Cons

GP blogger AdamMcCarthy writes, "With the technology of today, and the great games of yesterday, a trend has emerged in game development: HD remakes and remasters. Countless old classics are being rereleased in HD, in collections such as the Prince of Persia Trilogy, the Tomb Raider Trilogy, and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill Collections. However, despite the fact that these games are great, is rereleasing them really good for gaming?"

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blizzard_cool2544d ago

I'll give it to you in short form.
Pros: New players able to experience old great games.
Cons: The developers could have spent the time working on a new game.

Simple as that.

tweet752544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

it seems like 50 percent of games released this year have been rerelases, if it gets too much it could ruin the industry. To me paying full price for a last gen game that I already own with only an HD facelift is not worth it.

sashimi2544d ago

Well the good thing is most hd remakes are releasing @ only $40-$50 price points with 2-3 games. The bad news is Nintendo seems to be pricing their remakes @ full retail price ~_~. But for me i haven't played many if none of the hd collection games at all that have been released so i get to enjoy them(already own all hd collections from Sony).

wingman32x2544d ago

I don't mind remakes as long as it adds something. Take OoT 3D. They completely overhauled the art style, added a boss rush mode, included the master quest on the same cart, and made the master quest harder by enabling double damage against. That's enough change to warrant a remake.

The picture is sort of misleading because all but one of those games are straight ports.