Crysis PS3 Gameplay Footage

Some footage of the newly revamped edition of Crysis (PS3 version) was recently uploaded to YouTube by user “SquareheadX”

Enjoy the videos below


Four New Videos Added.

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Army_of_Darkness2540d ago

Looks like crap. crysis 2 one consoles even looks way better... hell, COD:MW2 looks better! Not buying...

Prophet-Gamer2540d ago

Word of advice, get your eyes checked man.

P_Bomb2540d ago

MW2 is more of a rollercoaster on-rails game though, a very scripted 60fps guided tour through a warzone. Lots of 'look but don't touch'. That's the trade-off in what the graphics are going for. In Crysis you can touch everything and in bigger maps with a very well rendered jungle imo akin to something between FarCry2 and MGS3. The water is better than the water's ever been in COD and you can swim in it too.

In Crysis 2 you're always in the streets or underground looking up at the same buildings, there were no real views. Just canyons of capitalism. Even a floating Central Park was claustrophobic. In Crysis 1 I've seen way more postcard shots.

BattleAxe2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I own this on PC, and while I don't think this will look anywhere near as good on consoles, even though it still looks really nice, but I've heard that they've massively improved the controls over what they did for the 360 controller on PC, so I will probably end up picking this game up soon.

Computersaysno2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Looks like the PC version on Medium/720p. You can do that with a 7900GT/8600. You can do high on a 9600GT.

Thats pretty much what i expected.

qwertyz2540d ago

you're wrong it beats the pc verison running medium 720p.

but the pc version running medium with 8xAA, 16x AF @1080p looks much better than the console version.

Computersaysno2540d ago

Why would you run the PC version on medium with 8 x AA in 1080p?

If you could do 8 x AA on Medium you would set it to high/very high with no/2 x AA. Overall the game would look a lot prettier.

maniactadpole2540d ago

Just finished downloading it. Best looking game on the PS3 :D

LightofDarkness2540d ago

No, maniactadpole, it can't be, don't you see? It's on 360 as well!

Even if it was, the fanboys would never admit to it. Hence your disagrees. They can't BOTH have the best looking game, only ONE of them can.

Anyway, I played this in 2008 and I'm sure it's still as great now as it was back then. Enjoy, gamers.

maniactadpole2540d ago

Lol yea totally forgot about that XD

Pacman3212540d ago

I'm playing it now and ill agree that it's a very good looking game, but IMO God of War 3 and Killzone look better.

Fishy Fingers2540d ago

Looks pretty good. Hopefully looks better in the flesh than Crysis 2. That looked pretty good in videos, but first hand, it looked a mess on PS3 (IMO).

Hellsvacancy2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It wasnt just a mess, it was a borin, short mess

I beat it on Hard in under 7 hours, was impressed visually

Ive always wanted the first game over the second, im sick of lookin at concrete buildings etc

Ill be pickin up C1, but itll hav to wait, Dark Souls and Rage on Friday.......wooty WOOOOOT!

RBLAZE19882540d ago

personally, i'd get crysis instead of rage if i were you. I just played it and for the looks like a high spec tweaked version of crysis on pc at about 720p res and the sound design is revamped. Also the controls almost warrant the 20 dollar price tag since the controls were so god awful in crysis on pc. The pc version still looks miles better but the new cryengine 3 lighting and water effects mixed with some more graphical tweaks do wonders and for getting the game to run on consoles, it looks pretty damn good. I have it at max on pc but I bought it for more comfortable play if i so desire. Honestly Rage looks like a boring generic shell of what it could have been. And especially since they screwed up so bad on the pc version I would have to give the nod to crysis on consoles for this week. Also get Dark souls, my copy is coming in today can't wait!

BattleAxe2540d ago

I might have to buy Crysis 2 seeing as how I had more fun playing the multiplayer demo for that game over playing Resistance 3 which was garbage.

madpuppy2540d ago

Did anyone else notice on the second video that select and back buttons are reversed?

select is the O button and back is the X button...that is really weird and goes against almost every standard PS3 game control configuration I have ever seen.

josephayal2540d ago

CRYSIS Looks better than UNCHARTED 3 and Gears of Wars 3 Combine this game is so so realiztik

gumchewinasskikr2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I think you guys need to get your prescriptions updated. And why bring Gears 3 and Uncharted 3, which isn't out yet, into this?

I have the original on my pc, which maxes it out, and even that doesn't look as good as everyone makes it out to be. Crysis was and is overhyped.

Disagree already, wow. Crysis fantards on N4G.

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