Video Games blamed for society's problems - again.

Oh boy. Big surprise. As soon as the video game market became the next big thing, you just knew that it was going to be the target for all of society's problems, and those that want something to blame them on. CNN has not been contrary to that stereotype. Much like music, radio, television, and the movies long before it, video games are once again being blamed for issues that have little or nothing to do with it. This time, it's for a general apathy and lack of ambition in men, apparently.

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pixelsword2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Basically, they want their cut; I mean, who considers Guns, Alcohol, Cigarettes (or other highly addictive "legal" drugs), fast food or Chlorine and Fluoride a problem, especially since all of these things are regulated (b.k.a. handing out cash in exchange for complicity)?

They're trying to get society on their side by scaring us into thinking a game causes a person to murder while also giving us the burden of "supporting the troops" while the government doesn't give jobs, or physical/mental health support to these same veterans. In turn, do to post-traumatic stress, poverty, and economic woes, turn these same soldiers into the very killers these short-sighted fear-mongers are trying to avoid making via video games.

If you're so weak-minded that a game or movie can influence you to act out, you need a caretaker; point-blank and period.