Forza 4 Demo - Is Microsoft's Racer A Genuine GT5 Challenger? -

MMGN writes: Microsoft's flagship racing series is revealed to gamers as the Forza 4 demo hits Xbox Live. How is it? The gamers speak!

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aviator1892392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Competition is healthy. I'd say both franchises are incredibly respectful and they'll just keep getting better.

Maddens Raiders2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

compared to the king of all racers which is GRAN TURISMO 5®, this is a simple fact. F4 will satisfy the tastes of the less demanding, sure, but the purists will always demand GT. Always.

ATi_Elite2391d ago

I think the purist are actually playing iRacing League with real Indy, Grand-Am, and Nascar drivers.

Taz Yamauchi2391d ago

I'm a GT purist but The racing aspect of GT is not challenging so I play F1 2011 now and 2010 before it. To me GT5 is a solid racer but not hardcore and Forza 3 is worse I dont know about 4, i havent tried it

NealCaffrey2392d ago

Its more than a challenger, what little I played is better than Gt5.

NewZealander2391d ago

its got to be the best looking racer ive seen, sadly GT5 was all hype, glitchy graphics, and made to look bigger then it is by including all those ps2 cars and tracks.

Mcardle2391d ago

What? Forza 3 metacritic is 92 and Gt5s is 85, surely it's Gt that has to strike back?

shikamaroooo2391d ago

Ps move has better scores than kinect uncharted 2 has a better metacritic than gears of war 2 even gears of war 2 has a better metacritic than gears of war 3 . See what I did their

shikamaroooo2391d ago

So your saying kinect has to strike back to ps move and gears of war 3 has to strike back to gears of war 2 and uncharted 2 aand hey why not say every racing game has to strike back to Mario kart

Mcardle2391d ago

Pretty much, if you are in a genre and there is a better game in the same genre that's your target to beat, otherwise your just pumping out clones like cod does

PixL2391d ago

A game for casuals with rewind feature versus a game for hardcore which can't be popular with the general crowd. Sure they are competitors... only in minds of the same people who compare COD and BF.

BlmThug2391d ago

Game with saves mid way and stupid AI, bad damage, unlockable damage, not enough customization, bad online vs Forza 4

Hicken2391d ago

You're bringing up in-game saves? I guess you've got 24 hours to spend on an endurance race, then.

Don't be daft. You honestly cannot compare in-race saving to rewinding your screw-ups. That alone screams ARCADE.

Lemme know when playing Forza 4 qualifies you for a REAL RACING LICENSE.

dcortz20272391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Forza is nothing more than a poor mans Gran Turismo. Just go back to playing KINECT or whatever the heck you call it. I'm sick of people comparing crappy, second best, Xbox 360 games to high quality PS3 exclusives!

buffycrp2391d ago

I'm sick of people disregarding great games because of a misguided thought their console is the best. See a game for what it is and not the console it's on as there is great titles on both consoles and both consoles have their DOWN time.

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