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Frankly, I didn't think that 2K Games was going to be able to outdo themselves; NBA 2K11 was pretty much exactly what I wanted from a basketball game. But 2K12 includes new features I didn't even know to ask for. They overhauled the presentation, streamlined the gameplay, added brand new modes, and refined the movements of each model to look far more realistic. (Yet the players' faces still look like poorly photocopied crime scene witness recount sketches. Oh well, I'm not going to nitpick.) 2K12 is a truly great basketball game.

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Washington-Capitals2632d ago

As with the lockout, i think sales of this game will be impacted negatively. Time for some of you NBA fans to start watching your local hockey team.

iceman062632d ago

If you are a true fan of the NBA, or a fan of basketball, then it shouldn't really matter. The only thing that is missing, for now, are those rookies that probably won't have as much impact as you wish in their first year. This game is about the love of the NBA's past, as well as it's present. That should be enough to carry the game. IMO, the inclusion of Jordan drove last year's sales more than the current stars. Adding Magic, Bird, The Dream, Twin Towers, Wilt The Stilt, Pistol Pete, etc. should give this game legs. Only time will tell.