Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Rewind Review (Empty Lifebar)

"Before the release of the first Metroid Prime in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube, alongside the release of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advanced, the Metroid franchise was left to stagnate after Super Metroid in 1994 on the Super Nintendo. While the series femme fatale Samus Aran might have had a few cameos in other Nintendo games during that time – Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64 the most notable example – her own adventures traveling the cosmos and shooting-up Space Pirates were neglected for eight years."

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fossilfern2547d ago

I prefer Prime 2 over this if you ask me, still a great game. Love the series hope for a new metroid on the WiiU!

ATi_Elite2547d ago

Yeah i really see the Wiiu taking Metroid to a whole new level. I think Metroid Wiiu is gonna make the other consoles jealous!

Well at least i hope!!

ignorantsonsof_2544d ago

Prime 2 is so great, if you really think about the danger Samus puts herself through in that game going back and forth between the 2 worlds it is just ridiculous. It had so much impact on me, and really showed/developed more character for Samus than most of the games do.

Venox20082547d ago

i love all three games in this trilogy... all of them 9 of 10 minimum

ignorantsonsof_2547d ago

I have super shaky hands and I never had any problems playing this game. All you had to do was aim from the hip, holding the controller up was unnecessary and just makes the controls feel worse. Anyway I love this trilogy, for how awesome it was and for bringing metroid back after 8 years. Each game in the trilogy was its own unique experience, while still fitting together as whole really nicely.