9.5 RAGE Review

From You might be thinking, "oh, great, yet another shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland." You might also be thinking, and rightly so, that the story of a single survivor emerging from an underground shelter into an unfamiliar desert world filled with roaming gangs, homicidal mutants, and isolated fortified settlements has been done before. And it has, quite recently in fact, and by the same publisher nonetheless. Ah, but this is an id Software game, a shooter made by the company that invented the first-person shooter, and that alone should pique your interest. If not, how about the fact that this shooter is so big that it ships on three discs? Or that it has some of the best graphics yet seen on an Xbox 360? Or that it's one hell of a shooter? Interested now?

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Fox_Mamba2540d ago

Great review...thanks for the description and in depth info on the game. I look forward to playing Rage for sure.