iPhone 4S: 'A Console Game in the Palm of Your Hand'

“We're already working on special effects in our apps that are only possible with the A5 chip. The iPhone 4S allows us to use the increased power and faster graphics to create some of the most beautiful and intense games available. It’s like having a console game in the palm of your hand," Namco Bandai’s Executive Producer of mobile entertainment, Jonathan Kromrey told IndustryGamers.

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CynicalVision2357d ago

Nothing compared to the Vita.

Buff10442356d ago

Except the millions of iPhone 4S casual gamers won't care about the Vita. Therein lies the problem for Sony.

CynicalVision2356d ago

How is that a problem for Sony? If they're casuals then they probably wouldn't even consider the Vita anyway.

5119ent2356d ago

Millions of hardcore gamers dont care for the iphone.that's the problem for apple

Oxymoron0282356d ago

And the people that don't much care about casual games are a problem for Apple.

joeorc2356d ago

"Except the millions of iPhone 4S casual gamers won't care about the Vita. Therein lies the problem for Sony."


Except the millions of Android casual gamers won't care about the iPhone 4S. Therein lies the problem for Apple.

while iPhone an android apps an games can also run on the Vita as Native hardware,So it's no problem at all for the Vita!

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meetajhu2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Iphone 4s cost = 800$ for owning or 299 with contract
Vita = 299$ for owning

Vita = 8x faster than iphone 4s

Conclusion: Apple is joke of every generation. They are bigger 4xmoney grabbing bastas than Microsoft. The typical IQ of Apple users are very less.

DA_SHREDDER2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Wrong, its $199 with a contract. BTW, its only gonna be a matter of time before a playstation fits in the palm of your hand, oh wait, The psp has been around for how long now? Dupes. I can't wait till the psp 3 comes out, with blutooth, hdmi out, 4 gigs of RAM< and pc graphics. Do you guys' really like having a bulky machine that sucks up dust and having buy a new one to replace the older version every other year because if you open it up you void the 1 year limited warranty?

BTW the only way to buy a console these days is to add extra warranty cause lets face it, the more you use a console, the more it has a chance of breaking down. I just bought a ps3 slim this year and added 3 year warranty on top of the factory warranty. Thus I can just exchange it in for a ps4 when it comes out, making me totally ready for next gen. I'm gonna swap out my 3DS after it's 1 year warranty is up and get a Vita next year. Don't buy without warranty people!

dredgewalker2356d ago

Bubs for stating a fact. For $800 I can buy a PS3, a 360 and a Vita. For $800 I can buy a laptop and a phone for my communication and productivity needs. For $800 I can assemble a PC than can play all latest games. If people just want to play awesome games why the hell would anyone buy an Iphone for that purpose?

Baka-akaB2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

"Do you guys' really like having a bulky machine that sucks up dust and having buy a new one to replace the older version every other year "

Meh , that's hardly a common occurrence , especially with handheld consoles wich are rock on solid .

I've actually seen more issues of that kind with iphones (and android stuff mind you) . You even got a brand new iphone 4 to mostly fix an antenna issue

"Dupes. I can't wait till the psp 3 comes out, with blutooth, hdmi out, 4 gigs of RAM< and pc graphics."

And what has been the use of it so far on iphones ? Video and 2-3 at most , cool looking games like that epic hack and slash . But mostly cool looking , hardly worth more nor any consoles experience . The rest of it is the usual mileage of flash looking cool little games and older games ports and clones .

Of course if you aint serious about gaming it doesnt matter .

But i'm tired of both haters and ultra fans spinning the wheel . Those arent sh*tty devices and go their uses for quite a few people , beyond just following a trend . But let's also not pretend those are proper games consoles , that's probably not why you bought it (at least i hope so)

Keith Olbermann2356d ago


Dude..what??? Your speaking nonsince.

Redempteur2356d ago

Where is the console ?

Because all am i seeing is a overpriced phone ...
If you want to "play" there are better alternatives with true games and social experiences ..
This stuff is just good for flash-like apps or facebook apps

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Jio2357d ago

I'll stick with my PS Vita thank you

_Aarix_2356d ago

how can you stick with what isnt even out yet :p

Ramses32357d ago

Anybody who calls an iPhone game the same experience as a console game deserves to be (insert creative yet cruel punishment here).

Buff10442356d ago

Then you clearly haven't spent much time with the best iPhone games, or wasted $59.99 on a five hour console game. ;)

Baka-akaB2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Oh yeah the mythocial surpopulation of 5hrs games . 2006 was years ago , and there are as many , no probably bite sized android/iphone/pad games that arent worth their cost either . While simple truth be told , there arent really equivalent to the best hanheld and home consoles games ... mostly decent clones or different experiences (wich is ok)

Keith Olbermann2356d ago

Name one iphone game or android game that is current console quality. I own an iphone and have every "hardcore" game on the market so please let me know.

Ramses32356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Ive purchased "harcore" iphone games such as Gangstar and the original rayman port and even a port of the origional driver, as well as a $8 RPG called ravensword.
While you say "$8 is pretty cheap compared to $60 console games", the difference is the console games look better, have better controls, and dont require a battery recharge after 10 minutes of playing them, like most harcore iphone games. That makes the console games definitly worth the extra $50. Not only that, but you can find MANY great long lasting games for less thn 40$. Try GTA4, Red dead, bishock and fallout 3/new vegas. ALL are $40 or less.

Wintersun6162357d ago

It might look good, but how does it play? Exactly. Nowhere near the experience PS Vita will be able to bring.

Buff10442356d ago

Two different experiences entirely. Why don't "hardcore" console users get this?

Baka-akaB2356d ago

Thing is many of us do . What can "get to us" would the constant lies that it could do otherwise on a regular basis .

It's ok for each genre of machine to excel in different fields

dredgewalker2356d ago

Why can't the "casual" crowd get why we love dedicated portables......

Ddouble2357d ago

Vita will be better IMO

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