TheGameFanatics: Ecomastertek LEPA-B850-MA Review

Today I managed to get a hold of a power supply from Ecomastertek, I really haven’t heard too much about Ecomastertek and their line of power supplies so I decided to check them out, seeing how later this year we plan on building a gaming PC all for under one thousand dollars and the less money we spend the better. When I first came across Ecomastertek and their ninety-nine dollar 850W power supply I was in all but shock and disbelief.

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hiredhelp2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Nice to see a new breed on the market,even better that this is proper modular unline many.
Still only a single rail but thats not a bad thing many top brands on a single rail do well handling decent setup's

Ive not seen these come across the pond yet to The UK, but if the prices around £100 below for 850watt modular its stable under full load. This may just be a hit great for people on a budget.
One thing that did supprise me is it has 6x pci cables thats good for this price and supposidly quiet always a bonus.