Namco Bandai to reveal secret SoulCalibur V character mid-October

Namco Bandai has announced that the upcoming fighting title SoulCalibur V will have a special guest character.

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TheSoundDefense2545d ago

Holding out for Phoenix Wright, aww yeah.

Tuxmask552545d ago

Would it be another Namco character or cross-company like when SoulCalibur had Link in the Gamecube version?

Quagmire2545d ago

Bring back Spawn! Or at least have Yoshimitsu.

malik0092543d ago

i read somewhere that they were thinking of a FF char, i think it would be awesome to see cloud or Sephiroth i the game. it would be awesome,Sephiroths ultimate could take up half the match before the cinematic ends like in other fighters lol