Free Update For DC Universe Online Released

DC Universe Online’s Game Update 5 adds the second installment to the Fortress of Solitude raid trilogy.

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Criminal2479d ago

I'll play it when the game goes F2P. I heard that the first Fortress raid was impossible to beat, though.

iXenon2479d ago

Yeah, there was a glitch for 6 weeks that made it so easy, 4 people could complete it instead of 8, but they released a patch and it became mega hard. You'll need a full set of gear to even stand a chance.

Quagmire2479d ago

You do know that despite being free, the disc is locked to ONE ACCOUNT, meaning it cant be resold or even lent due to only being able to make on account, and not making any more.

Wizziokid2479d ago

I'll be playing this when it goes F2P, I enjoyed the beta I just didn't want to pay monthly, especially when Star Wars:TOR isn't too long away