Battlefield Can't Quite Crawl Yet

The Battlefield Beta has been live now for a couple of days, for most it is working smoothly but for some things aren't quite as they should be.

Here's one group of guys who cant find quite the right way to crawl

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FanOfGaming2547d ago

I've been proning underground all the time [in before](BUT IT'S ONLY A BETA)

flankhim2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I kinda like stuff like that. Cod4 with the handgun looking up was just priceless.

deadpoole2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

god this looks scary ... as well as look like dinosaur type animation mistakenly added to character animation.

ChocolateGiddyUp2547d ago

Battlefield needs an Exorcist class.

BattleAxe2547d ago

Looks like Dice got confused and realized that they weren't supposed to be making Dead Space.

WANNAGETHIGH2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

This is the worst beta I have ever played. People keep saying its just a beta but that bloody flashlight is part of the game,the awful grenade that looks like a dot is part of the game, the usless hit detection is part of the game. Have u ever been blinded by a flashlight in broad day light when the sun is out or by lasers?..No bullet penetration, the gun recoil is just awful,they made it bounce to much in BF2 the recoil was more balanced. This game is less than a 3weeks away. Beta or not they are somethings that are just bad. I hope dice listens to us and take away the flash light. Have u ever seen a TANK regenerate its armour own its own???? WTF

BeardedPriest2547d ago

I feel your pain... I'm gonna buy it anyway though. I always knew the fanboys were wrong anyway... Atleast the full game will have Infantry fighting vehicles and stuff

chriski3332547d ago

just a beta not final build

bumnut2547d ago

I thought the hit detection was good, maybe your just a bad shot!

Have I ever been blinded by a laser in the day? Yes, by one of those stupid laser pens kids shine in drivers eyes.

nolifeking2547d ago

I just have to ask, have you actually had a flashlight put in your face in daylight? I can tell you a good one will work whenever. Laser pointer will also work regardless of daylight. I will say they are greatly exaggerated, but it's a fucking video game, get over it.

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ShadyDevil2547d ago

thats actually kinda funny. Wow.

shooter7472547d ago

That soldier turned into a necromorph. Not only the crawling though but half of the body can actually insert itself into anything - wall, rocks, bricks, trees - when prone. You'll only see half of the body. Frostbite 1.0 can't support prone because of clipping issues, and now it looks frostbite 2 can't do it properly.

BeardedPriest2547d ago

Yhis funny in a cute sort of morbid way

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