5 Vaporware Games We’re Still Waiting On

There have been countless games that have been announced throughout the years that have never been released, have never been heard from since their announcement, or even officially canceled for that matter. There is a term to describe this. Its called Vaporware. Here are just a few that are the most requested titles, that have yet to see the light of day.

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stonecold32391d ago

the getaway 3 eightdays eyeidentify not listed they should have been metioned i think we will see more ffvs 13 maybe late jan. 2012 tlg news e3 2012 ?

MoXxXi2391d ago

Hopefully something around this.

christheredhead2391d ago

i think the probability of last guardian being released is very high. i mean yah we haven't heard or seen much, but the team is extremely small. they cant turn out a game in 1 or 2 years flat like other developers. i know its probably taking longer as they want to get everything perfect. the last guardian videos that were packed with ico/shadow still give me a ton of hope. looking very incredible so far.

im actually surprised the author ranked shenmue 3 with a "high probability of release". i wish and hope to see that game, but realistically i dont see it happening ever. the gap between 2 and 3 would be vast and im not sure if sega would ever be willing to take that risk. i would be so insanely stoked if they announced shenmue 3, but it wont happen.

admjwt2391d ago

Shenmue 3 was moderate. while theres still a chances it may happen. and sega even said they would let the guy that made the other to do the third one, its just funding that they dont have. but if they did a rerelease of the other two, they would probably get enough to go and make the third one

christheredhead2391d ago

actually, yah, you are correct. i was looking at the last guardians moderation above shenmues picture....but yah they could definitely follow that route. release a collection to get everyone up to speed and use that money to fund shenmue 3. thats definitely my hope, but im not holding out.

andron6662391d ago

I don't really consider The Last Guardian as vaporware just yet. It's highly likely to be released and is in active development...

Hicken2390d ago

Some of these games- The Last Guardian and FF VsXIII- I wouldn't really count as vaporware.