THQ Confirms No "I Quit" Match In WWE '12

THQ has confirmed a certain match type that will not be appearing in WWE '12.

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iXenon2507d ago

No Special Referee? No "I Quit" match? FUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Atleast the Lumberjack Match is back...

Wintersun6162507d ago

Well that's lame. Any others they dropped out besides No Special Referee and I Quit?

DeadlyFire2507d ago

They always take something out to put something else in. Why not just keep it all.

If they can't make a full game they shouldn't make a game.

DasTier2507d ago

What have they taken out in this game apart, just remind me, because those 2 game types were not in svr2011 either.

DeadlyFire2502d ago

I never played 2011. I skip around a bit. I used to play yearly.

Those two gametypes were a part of older games.

DasTier2507d ago

I've witnessed the I Quit match between Mankind and The Rock, but never played it in a game. How could they implement it because surely a player would have to quit themselves, but they wouldn't feel the need to as its there character getting hurt and not the player. Unless they uttered I Quit out of boredom.

Enigma_20992507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

the "FUTURE" of wrestling games, ladies and gentlemen!!![/sarcasm]


It's like beating the opponent so bad, you win by KO instead of pin fall, but instead of KO, the screen says I quit.

DasTier2506d ago

Oh then i can sort of see why they took it out if its basically the same as a KO match, would it have been better if they just rename the KO match and make it say I Quit when they get Ko'd?

Enigma_20992505d ago

I forgot... in the I quit matches I was in, you also had to grab a microphone to make them say it. So there's a difference.