Games Radar: NBA 2K12 Review

Magic Johnson is standing at center court, hands extended in disbelief. This can’t be happening, he seems to think. Despite - or perhaps because of – his superhuman efforts, the 1991 Lakers have just lost for the fourth time in a row to their counterparts from Portland. As he trudges off the court, he looks around, almost as if this is all just a bad dream.

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nevin12543d ago

Got a chance to play it last night during GameStop's Midnight Launch party. I got a chance to play 2 qrts and must say its good. The flow of the game seems improved. I still have beef with the passing game especially playing the AI. I actually might get this game for $60 instead of waiting for a price drop. It will be the 1st game this gen I buy for full price.

DaThreats2543d ago

Yo u stay in Fl?
I did the same thing lol

HeavenlySnipes2543d ago

Can't wait to get this. Hopefully they get nominated for GOTY and ACTUALLY get a fair chance at it to.

PS3gamer4life2543d ago

Cnt wait for rage and 2k12

nevin12543d ago

@DaThreats Chicago.

Also, I notice the game took awhile to load. 2K games usally load fast so what happen here. Oh the review said it doesn't have crew mode anymore? I never played a full game of it due to server issues. Also I thought it was lame you could only be on one crew team.

The reviewer also said

"While we can only hope that a settlement will allow all the new rookies and updated rosters to be patched in,"

Thats messed up.