Dark Souls 1.03 Patch Now Available on Both Consoles

When you pick up Dark Souls today on either of the two platforms, you’ll most likely get a patch while you’re connected online.

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TopDudeMan2483d ago

Good they've fixed it before it comes in europe.

n4gisatroll2483d ago

UPS is taking waaaaaaay too long...wth, its almost 5 pm and still no copy. Sometimes ordering from amazon isn't nice to me :/

Tanir2483d ago

dude, amazon sent out emails, they screwed up and delayed Dark souls collectors till 2morrow, mine just got sent out and i will get it tommorow :(

ezcex2483d ago

Maybe it just depends on your location. I got mine today around noon. CE.

zerocrossing2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Maybe the game was to epic for them and they are having to wait and respawn at their last bonfire D: ... lol.

AKA2483d ago

actually here in cali they did not have my copy collectors in BESTBUY and the guy told me that gamestop did not got them eater soo is something bigger and not amazons fault not defending them.
i guess if amazong is sending them tomorrow bestbuy will have my copy for tomorrow!!!

n4gisatroll2483d ago

I got an email yesterday, and a tracking number, its still out for delivery.

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Tanir2483d ago

the truck driver is playin it, lol jk

n4gisatroll2483d ago

I wouldn't doubt it at this point, it's 7:30. I'm kinda angry, but atleast I have a collectors edition coming soon.

burndogy2483d ago

how can you patch perfection??!!?

zerocrossing2483d ago

I hope it's that infinite item glitch that thing suck!

TheClown2483d ago

You don't patch perfection. That's why this game is getting a patch. Because it's a mediocre buggy/glitch filled game.