TGSN / Battlefield 3 Beta - Hands On

Powered by a brand new engine, upgraded multiplayer functionality, and a truckload of hype, Battlefield 3 is almost upon us. The open beta has been unleashed into the eager, judgemental hands of gamers worldwide, as DICE prep their servers and bug test their way to victory. There's world holes, graphical weirdness, and connection errors aplenty, but underneath the work in progress exterior is a sensational FPS that could very well turn out to be the defining shooter of this generation.

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MrSent2482d ago

If you can't look past the bugs while playing a beta you fail. If you judge your opinion on an unfinished product, you fail. If you don't like the color of a car before its painted, you fail.

Good article. BF3 has quite a boatload going for it.