Why the Battlefield 3 Beta was a Bad Business Decision

This is Battlefield, NOT Call of Duty. The large scale battles and vehicular combat have always been at the heart of the Battlefield franchise, it’s what attracts fans of the series over CoD’s multiplayer time and time again. So why the hell would you release a beta that highlights none of those gameplay elements?

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PCRockStar2545d ago

Are these real articles or is this spam?

ali711arab2545d ago

Should have been under opinion piece, fixed now.

zeeshan2544d ago

I know this is BETA but I just can't understand who the heck decided to release this glitch fest! I mean, I am THIS close to cancelling my pre order. THIS CLOSE Dice! You hear me? THIS CLOSE!!

blumatt2544d ago

While I was disappointed to see zero vehicle gameplay in the beta, I'm still going to buy the game regardless. If the game has half of the destruction and vehicle mayhem that Bad Company 2 has, then it's definitely worth buying.

SweatyFlorida2544d ago

@Zeeshan, well at least they fixed the annoying ground glitch, most notably the area around MCOM A in the park.

gamingdroid2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

The demo masqueraded as a beta definitely doesn't put the game in good light, that is for sure.

A month old build four weeks before release plays like a glitchfest that resembles an Alpha as opposed to a Beta.

The sniping is even worse now and it took me a whole two minutes into the game to find myself below the map and popping in and out. It was atrocious!

The supposed "best" part of the game, wasn't even in there, vehicles. Mightly disappointed after all the hype from EA themselves.

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nolifeking2544d ago

Give the dead horse a break. At this point it's starting to feel like rape.

SageHonor2544d ago

YES, this is why i dont like video game hype..This game was getting hyped SOOO MUCH. Now the same people who were hyping it are not shooting it down calling it a mess and overrated. This is already like the 5th article ive seen over the past couple days talking about something like this.

SKUD2544d ago

Amen, Tell that so SEGA and the extremely dead Sonic franchise.

Hagaf222544d ago

Agreed. I don't know what people were expecting. I enjoy the beta, but I feel that Dice picked a map that would kinda interest the COD crowd as apposed to the true BF supporters. I don't have any concerns with the beta, I'm sure the few issues will be resolved by Dice. I'm just getting sick of these lame "Battlefield beta killed BF" articles. People are still going to by the game, and enjoy it.

nolifeking2544d ago

I don't think this map was used to get the COD crowd, but rather to show how this game is much different. People will say OP Metro seems like a COD map, but it plays completely different.

What really kills me is how folks act as if this is the game, even if they know vehicles will be present in the retail version.

manman62544d ago

I haven't really played the beta but I been only hearing good things about it.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I personally hated the beta, just because it does not feel like battlefield, no vehicles. *Operation Metro*

Still i have hopes for this game and i know it will be awesome during the vehicle maps just like i love.
I'll stick to playing BC2 for now

SH0CKW4VE2544d ago

The big ? on my mind is this;

If they made design choices to make operation metro the way they made it....have they carried over these design choices from other maps? or perhaps have they applied metros close quarters to another map?

If this is the case and it could well be the only maps worth playing might be caspian border & the karkland maps.

isntchrisl2544d ago

Despite the lack of vehicles, the Beta feels a lot like Battlefield (which I think is a good thing).

It's got some issues (glitches, crashing), but hopefully it's true that it's based on old code and the game will launch in much better shape.

If anything, I think the people that were turned off by it are too used CoD's gameplay.

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