Xotic Review [Nightmare Mode]

"This high score addiction comes wrapped up in a package a bit more dense then your typical arcade game, such as those RPG elements I mentioned. You play as a creature created to drive back an evil being of pure energy called The Orb. This Mr. The Orb grew bored as a god-like being of ultimate power, and decided to ravage planets for fun. Leaving the planets covered in a corruption that takes the form of red pulsing scabs, floating brains left behind to monitor the planet, lots of glowing items that are worth points, and a variety of baddies who all want to shoot you. By shooting everything you possibly can you gain points, by collecting everything shiny you gain points, by hunting down all the hidden brains you get points, and by going as fast and efficiently as you can you get points. Wait a second, I was talking about those RPG elements! Damn you, high score addiction!"

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