Forza Motorsport 4 is the last bastion of automotive lust

Even though Xbox Live Gold members like myself got our hands on the first playable demo for Forza Motorsport 4, the new commercial featuring Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and the Aston Martin DB9 is no less interesting as it isn’t packed full of action shots from the game but rather, the piece pays homage to gearheads who are encouraged to turn to Forza 4 for their driving exhilaration rather than doing it on public roads.

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disturbing_flame2482d ago

It's not the last bastion, sorry.

Anyway F4 looks great

FordGTGuy2481d ago

For one it's a advertisement so just get over it, that is how companies advertise like they are the only ones. It's not like they are trying to advertise their competitors you don't see Forza in a GT5 commercial do you?

aviator1892481d ago

"The last bastion" is actually referring to an ad for Forza 4 narrated by Jimmy Clarkson.

n4gisatroll2482d ago

I find it funny people act like without forza, there would be no automotive games or simulators.

StanLee2482d ago

I think it's because Forza embraces car culture and car passion more than other racing games or simulators. They've built their success around their community more than the game's driving physics or overall driving experience. To share cars, car designs and the overall social connectivity that Forza 4 is embracing really sets it apart from the rest of the genre.

n4gisatroll2482d ago

I'll give it the customization, but all my car friends, love gt, and have bought a ps3 just for gt. I love how you can paint your cars in forza, but its not as deep into the automotive scene as let's say, gt is. And its def not the last bastion for the automotive world.

FordGTGuy2481d ago

I also have a crap load of friends who have not only bought consoles for Forza but spent $1000 extra on a wheel setup just for the game or even as far as triple screen setups($3500+) the same goes for GT5. It doesn't prove anything other than racing gamers are some of the most dedicated to their genre.

Not as deep? You might want to look at their games and community again and while you're at it look what they did with Top Gear compared to GT5.

n4gisatroll2481d ago

Has turn 10 developed anything for real vehicles? Last I heard PD is the only video game dev that has worked with an automotive company to produce a real world vehicle, not only a real vehicle, but one of the greatest made vehicles ever, the GT-R.

FordGTGuy2481d ago


They helped create the cars display whoop dee do...

It's not like they helped designed the Chassis or Engine..

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Hicken2482d ago

What in the world makes them think that? Sometimes, it's titles like this that make people not WANT to read further. I can't fathom a reason why this would be true.

gypsygib2482d ago

I enjoyed the F4 demo a lot....but now GT5 is around 40 bucks and I'm not a massive racing fan so I may just get the cheaper one - depends what Forza does with online as I hear GT5s is too old school.

n4gisatroll2482d ago

Gt has lobbys. It works, but to find a great racing community, you need to atleast get into gtplanet. Finding rooms online that are really racing is hard, I must admit, if you don't get involved with racing crews.

FordGTGuy2481d ago

Forza has quite a huge racing community and the online features in Forza 4 are much better than what is currently offered in GT5(you have to remember this is the 4th Forza game with online and GT5 is the first Gran Turismo).

As far as which one you should buy I would say go with Forza 4 and pick up GT5 later on as Forza 4 is just coming out now.

gypsygib2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I'm getting GT5, it's getting that Spec 2 update on Oct 11 and it's only $40 now.

I'm not a huge racing fan so there is a chance I'll play either game for 10hrs and never pick it up again, especially considering all the other great games coming out soon.

Pyscho_Mantis2482d ago

GT is automotive passion....all types of cars...Forza is suer/hypercars and muscle car passion.TBH GT5 wins clearly.

FordGTGuy2481d ago

Uhhh yeah you might want to take a look at the Forza 4 car list again, you're dead wrong.

BlmThug2481d ago

Haha you are not wearing rose tinted spectacles instead you are blind. Please check F4 car list and then look at GT5 car list